Why employers prize a global perspective from MBA graduates

June 28, 2018

Modern businesses with broad perspectives thrive better

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Employers prize global perspectives from MBA graduates.

Given the economic forces of globalization, top companies succeed with a complete outlook on world business. Identifying new ventures and improving old thinking, global perspectives help businesses of all sizes succeed in a competitive market. It is therefore unsurprising that employers now prize these perspectives, hiring MBA graduates with broadened business horizons.

With this business success in mind, leading MBA programs now offer global training, helping graduates build knowledge, experience and professional networks around the world. These international experiences can forge the combined business and interpersonal skills behind long-term success.

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A Global Outlook Helps Businesses Compete and Grow

Despite a recent trend to embrace perceived national interests – as reflected in the 2016 Brexit vote – global markets remain deeply interconnected. Business interests on all scales are subject to changes in the global market, a fact of life in modern economics.

Whether they are looking to expand into a foreign market or simply optimize production against foreign competitors, all companies benefit from greater perspective on global business. Knowing the latest developments and challenges on the world stage could be the difference between a fledgling enterprise and a thriving one.

Employers prize this perspective in incoming talent, identifying skills and insights that might not be available to their competitors. Even for businesses with a domestic scope, global perspectives help managers anticipate market challenges and plan accordingly. With education and experiences around the world, successful job applicants are chosen to help companies secure existing interests – and identify new ventures around the globe.

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Global business perspectives can helpt companies attract new clients and partners.

Global MBA Students Offer New Ideas and Solutions

Surviving in business often means adapting to new systems and integrating best practices from around the world. In addition to helping them navigate foreign markets, global perspectives offer companies new ideas and alternate approaches to business.

By immersing themselves in foreign learning experiences, MBA students gather crucial information about potential business challenges that might be on the horizon in their home countries. With global learning perspectives and business strategies, MBA students can thus provide companies with an advantage against competitors.

A leading business education can provide such learning opportunities, helping students gain a variety of skills and foreign experience to benefit future employers. For instance, the WU Executive Academy's Global MBA program offers a unique combination of American and European business training, helping students build a variety of experiences and expansive professional networks. Students also complete eye-opening international residencies in China, Brazil, and the USA, gaining valuable insights into international business cultures and practices.

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Globally-trained employees can form great business teams.

Global Experience Reflects an Evolving Workplace

Learning to thrive in modern business, employers are increasingly keen on a diverse and worldly workforce. Global MBA training helps professionals develop the tact and cultural sensitivity necessary to conduct business in the 21st century. These global learning outcomes are especially helpful for businesses securing foreign clients or pursuing ventures abroad.

A global education helps students learn not only the strategies behind international success, but also the customs and expectations of foreign businesspeople – down to the minutiae of successful meetings. Among the unique opportunities of an MBA, students learn to develop interpersonal ‘soft skills’ in different international contexts. Beyond helping them land a desirable job, these abilities can benefit long-term professional growth in all business sectors.

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