WU EA Connect Success Story: Nadya Mamet

June 25, 2018

Nadya Mamet shared her WU EA Connect experiences with us - read her story and find out how our online community helped strengthen her network.

I am an alumna of Professional MBA Marketing & Sales program, years 2012-2014. The program itself brought a lot of wonderful people to my life. I met Michal Mamet when we studied together back in 2012 and we made a family together. I've also acquired a lot of friends and business acquaintances during the program. The Program Managers were always extremely supportive and I am still in touch with some of them.

I joined WU EA Connect approximately 6 months ago and I have to say I really appreciate the abilities and opportunities this platform provides. In our digital century it was absolutely essential to create such a networking tool, so that all WU Executive Academy graduates and students could stay in touch. My success story with that platform is the following:

WU EA Connect - the virtual network for students and alumni of the WU Executive Academy
WU EA Connect - the virtual network for students and alumni of the WU Executive Academy

First of all, I am a professional business development consultant working in a few markets (Eastern Europe and Russia) and multiple industries (FMCG, fashion, retail, B2B etc). Obviously, in this case networking is a key success factor. I have a broad network of specialists all over the world but there is permanent need for further development. The platform already helped me a lot with that.

For example, one of the WU EA programs is dedicated to Energy Management. I have a potential project in the Energy industry in Russia and I’ve already received highly qualified advice from one of our colleagues. We’ve never met each other in reality but have become pen pals and I am certain we will benefit from each other in business and life.

Second, I think that the platform can be a strong “internal” recruitment tool. I think that users underestimate its abilities at the moment. I have 40 colleagues from all over the World and all of them joined the team by recommendation. That’s why we’re a big multinational family. When I needed to add some people to my team a couple of months ago, I didn’t doubt of what I had to do. I published a vacancy in the related part on WU EA Connect. As a result, it brought me the contacts I’ve never expected before. And I will definitely collaborate with those people on some projects.

Third, the section “Events” is also very useful. One can be always up to date with the schedule of potential WU EA meetings. In addition to that, it’s editable. I already made an announcement of the Trade Mission program prepared by my colleagues from the Netherlands and Sweden.

What I would improve at the platform is “Updates” part. All, we can see now, is messages like: “Hello! I am happy to start the program!”. There should some motivation for users to become “engaged”. So, that ones could share important information about the events (others from ones in WU), exhibitions, books and articles.

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