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January 10, 2018

What WU EA Connect has to offer

A job market and a career creator all in one – our community platform WU EA Connect is more than just a network: it is where sought-after management talent and renowned companies come together. Our Community Engagement Managers want to introduce you to everything WU EA Connect has to offer. Today we have this tip for you:

1. Making Contacts Online: How to Break the Ice

This has certainly happened to you at some point: You lost touch with someone years ago, and then you find him or her on social media. Or you wish to make contact with someone you do not know at all because he or she may be an exciting cooperation or business partner or may be able to provide you with invaluable input for your career. It goes without saying that you send a contact request - but how do you do that without being obtrusive? Connecting with people you already know is relatively easy: First, explain where you know each other from, and say that you are looking forward to networking with them. Getting in touch with people you do not know is a bit more difficult. In this case, it is a good idea to mention why you find someone an interesting contact and would like to be part of his or her network - e.g. because you both work in the same field or because you are interested in exchanging views and opinions on such and such a topic. Be sure to say what you have to offer the other person, and indicate that you would be delighted if he or she were to become a contact of yours. Sending a connection request without any comments or addressing a potential new contact by his or her first name is a definite no-no.

Screenshot of WU EA Connect
Connect to variety of people - easy to find with WU EA Connect!

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