Industriemagazin Ranking 2021: #1 in Leadership & Strategy

February 10, 2021

WU Executive Academy is best seminar provider in 2021

Industriemagazin, an Austrian executive leadership magazine, surveyed the quality of the local continuing education sector in a comprehensive study involving 600 HR managers and 300 employees. In its “2021 ranking of seminar providers,” the WU Executive Academy took a clear lead in “reputation” and “quality experience,” in the leadership and strategy category. In addition to the image of the various providers, the independent survey also focused on the quality of content, lecturers, and teaching as well as on the question of how the pandemic-driven digitalization of professional development offers has been received by participants and HR managers.


In the survey, a total of 94 Austrian providers of further education trainings were assessed in eight categories by 300 HR managers and the same number of employees from companies with a 50+ head count. The results were calculated based on the image determined for the various providers (expressed in grades, with 1 denoting an outstanding and 5 a very poor image) and the personal experiences of the survey participants with regard to the quality of the offers.

“2020 was a challenging year for all of us. This is why I am especially happy about our top placement in this year’s Industriemagazin’s ‘workshop providers ranking.’ It is highly rewarding to see that our selection of topics and formats was exactly what companies and their employees needed, particularly during the crisis: practical tools and the right know-how to be able to counteract the pandemic’s short- and medium-term effects as quickly as possible. Only if we continue to offer relevant contents and learning formats to our customers based on a sound interpretation of current trends will we be able to support companies in realizing and successfully making use of the countless opportunities provided by the crisis and the accelerated digital transformation it has set off. And that’s the USP we are bringing to our participants as a business school placed at the intersection of business and research: providing expertise on a level that goes beyond what is relevant on a given day,” says Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy.

Find out more about the ranking here (in German). For more information about our executive education programs, please click here.

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