Part-time „Bachelor of Science (Continuing Education)WU

What does the new Bachelor (CE) Practice-oriented Business Administration offer you?

This part-time bachelor's degree program provides advanced professional education with a focus on business administration, taking into account a variety of disciplines and industries. It is designed for individuals with work experience who seek education and training at the bachelor's level in parallel with their careers, with a strong focus on business management while maintaining a strong application orientation.

Graduates are able to apply key concepts of business management disciplines, especially in the areas of marketing and sales, accounting, financial management, human resource management, business organization, and corporate governance.

Complementary to the major in business administration, a subject-specific specialization must be chosen.

Part-time Bachelor's degree

  • Part-time Bachelor degree in 6 semesters
  • Approx. 10 blocked courses per semester, approx. every 2 weeks
  • Friday afternoons and full days on Saturdays
    • Business management skills

      The focus of the part-time bachelor's program is on practical, business management knowledge and methods, as well as economic, legal and psychological content, in order to better understand the diverse effects of entrepreneurial decisions, to be able to act with foresight and to be involved.

    • Entrepreneurial competencies

      • Independently participate in and lead complex technical or professional activities or projects in an entrepreneurial context
      • Assume decision-making responsibility in unpredictable work or learning contexts
    • Management and leadership skills

      • Deal responsibly and critically with the actions of individual employees as well as entire teams
      • Giving feedback
      • Contribute to the targeted development of employees and project team members
    • Communication skills

      • Presenting in a way that is appropriate to the target group and the situation, in particular problem analyses
      • Establish business management fields of action and situation-adapted solution options
      • Discuss complex subject-specific concepts
      • Derive comprehensible proposals for preparing decisions
    • Interdisciplinary and systemic thinking

      • Recognize interfaces between business administration, law, society and ecology and determine the central interdependencies and interaction of these systems in a well-founded manner
      • Meet challenges in an appropriate manner
      • Develop solution proposals appropriate to the situation
    • (Strategic) planning and implementation skills

      • Develop strategies and implementation plans to further develop processes in organizations and to solve new challenges
      • Incorporate analysis results, stakeholders, and cross-disciplinary frameworks (including legal, sustainability, and social)
    • Decision-making capabilities

      • Make evidence-based comprehensible decisions in complex and also unknown situations
      • Incorporate diverse perspectives and innovative approaches to problem solving
    • Critical thinking and reflection skills

      Reflect on one's own actions in a professional context and develop an independent position based on critical debate and scientifically sound evidence.

Choose a specialization

Recognition of complementary subjects from previous studies possible - We will be happy to advise you!

The education is aimed at

  • Individuals with professional experience or industry knowledge from various business sectors who are seeking an in-service education and training at bachelor level with a strong focus on business management and a strong application orientation at the same time.
  • Self-employed persons who want to improve the position of their company
  • Prospective managers who do not have a background in business administration and who want to acquire the basics in a compact and part-time manner
  • People who, in addition to their professional competence, want to acquire business management tasks in the company and get fit for their new tasks
  • People who have a (technical) degree and are aiming for an additional business degree

Didactic design

The modular structure of the program allows students to complete a challenging continuing education course alongside their everyday professional life. The didactic design is composed of block courses. Tailored learning methods are used during the lessons, ranging from interactive case studies to business simulations and individual presentations.

Study - job - family compatible: you stay in your job

The study program is specially tailored to the requirements of working professionals:

  • Courses are held in blocked modules on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. This enables you to continue your education in 6 semesters parallel to your professional career.
  • This part-time format allows you to optimally integrate your studies into your everyday professional life, and it also makes it possible for interested parties outside the Vienna metropolitan area to study at WU.
  • You will receive high-quality, accredited continuing education with an academic degree, and you can advance your career at the same time.

Official degree - Bachelor of Science (CE)

Graduates of the extraordinary bachelor program Practice-oriented Business Administration are awarded the academic degree "Bachelor of Science (Continuing Education)WU", abbreviated "BSc (CE)WU".

To apply, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Appropriate previous education in the form of the general university entrance qualification (Matura) or an equivalent qualification from a recognized domestic or foreign educational institution
  • Proof of at least two years of professional experience relevant to the further education objectives of the course of study
  • Proof of German language skills required for the successful continuation of studies, if German is not the first language of the applicants
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