Practice-oriented Business Administration with Specialization in Marketing & Sales

The new part-time bachelor's degree provides continuing professional education with a focus on business administration, considering various disciplines and industries.

The program aims at people with professional experience who, in parallel with their career, are seeking education and training at bachelor's level with a strong focus on business management and at the same time a strong application orientation.

Graduates can apply key concepts of business management disciplines, especially in the areas of marketing and sales, accounting, financial management, human resource management and business organization, and corporate governance.

In addition to the major in Business Administration, you can choose Marketing & Sales as a specialization. In this specialization, the focus is on strategic marketing, brand management, integrated communication, online and offline marketing, social media and sales. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of content including all relevant areas of modern marketing knowledge.

You can find more information on the program content, curriculum etc. on the German program website.

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