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Logistics & Supply Chain Management Certificate in Vienna

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Certificate Program

ⓘ Should you be facing travel restrictions due to Covid-19, there is the possibility to participate online in selected modules.


As a program participant, you will benefit not only from the latest academic knowledge and the real-world expertise of our practitioners but also from direct access to a network of industry professionals.

  • You will develop your understanding of tools and concepts that help you manage the logistics and supply chain operations of industrial and commercial businesses and of logistics service providers.
  • Apart from acquiring basic knowledge, you will also learn practical methods for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • By working on real projects and case studies, you will gain best practice knowledge.
  • Right from the beginning of your training, you will have access to a network of people who come from the same professional background as you.
  • Thanks to the program's strong emphasis on supply chain management, you will be able to thoroughly prepare yourself for the future challenges you are likely to face in the interconnected environment that is the business world.

Continue pursuing your career

The certificate program is tailored to the specific needs of working professionals: classes organized in blocked modules will enable you to undergo 18 months of training without interrupting your career.

Training objectives

The certificate program is designed for

  • employees of industrial and commercial businesses as well as logistics service providers interested in growing their skills by undergoing specialist training.
  • employees of firms providing planning and consultancy services.
  • persons who intend to become self-employed in the field of logistics and supply chain management and who wish to acquire both the methodological know-how and the necessary set of entrepreneurial tools and skills.
  • university students and other holders of a higher education entrance qualification who plan to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain management.

If you, too, are interested in learning about state-of-the-art methods and best practices in logistics and supply chain management with a view to advancing your career by developing your understanding of this exciting field, you should apply now ...

... for in today's globalized business environment, which is characterized by the division of labor, logistics and supply chain management are fundamentally important building blocks of corporate success.

Job profiles

  • Employees, executives and project managers who work, or intend to work, in logistics in industrial or commercial settings
  • Logistics employees, executives and project managers
  • Employees of firms providing planning and consultancy services in the field of logistics
  • Business founders and self-employed professionals

Program information in detail

Please find the complete information (curriculum, faculty etc.) about the certificate program Logistics & Supply Chain Management on our German website

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