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Governance Excellence Program | Executives & Supervisors

Governance Excellence program: expertise & communication for board members

The effectiveness of the work of members of the supervisory board is still the focus of public debate. Business and legal expertise, motivation, involvement and the financial compensation for the work of supervisory board members are part of this controversial discussion.

Effective corporate oversight is considered a key factor in avoiding negligence caused by company failures and economic crises. This requires redefining the role and self-image of board members - and professionalizing the work organization of the boards themselves. The role of supervisory boards will change in the future and will be accompanied by much more responsibility, including public and legal ones.

The Governance Execellence program for current and future supervisory board members provides you with the business and legal knowledge required for supervisory positions. These are supplemented by relevant psychological and communication-related content. The dialogue with the lecturers enables you to sharpen your understanding of the responsibilities, develop it further, and receive specific recommendations for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the oversight bodies in which you operate.

The program is taught in German. Please find more information about the Governance Excellence program on our German website.

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