Strategic Business Resilience - a driver of success

How to prepare companies for disruptions and crises

What you will learn in this program

✓ What capabilities companies need to build in the 21st century in order to cope well with crises and how difficult requirements can be used to strengthen the own organization.

✓ Characteristics of hard and soft factors of business resilience

✓ how to design a resilient and agile organization

✓ how to use disruptions as recurring challenges and opportunities for business development

✓ Impacts of new technologies and digitalization


Current challenges for leaders

Many companies are not prepared for unexpected challenges and crises. In many organizations, linear, classical thinking prevails, both in terms of sales expectations and organisational design. Yet crises have become a recurring condition of business development and have 3 elements in common:

  •     the occured situation is often unexpected and unimaginable beforehand,
  •     the speed of change is enormous, and
  •     the impact is incredibly high.

What the Corona crisis shows above all is that it is not enough to focus on resilient leaders, as we have often done in recent years. The whole company has to be aligned regards to resilience: the organisation, the structure, the products, the partnerships and cooperations. It is precisely in a crisis that the pain points of a company become evident. Companies must therefore constantly expand the capability of being resilient, independent of external support services - this is what we call business resilience.

The program is taught in German. Please find more information about the crisis management in companies workshop on our German website.

"Digi-Winner" Grant

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Did you know that you can receive the "Digi-Winner" grant up to € 5,000 for this program? The "Wiener ArbeitnehmerInnen Förderungsfonds (Waff)" is subsidizing this program.More information and conditions on the grant.

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