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Philosophy & Management | Management Workshop in Vienna

Special Workshop: Philosophy and Management

We tailor each of our Special Workshops to the specific needs and requirements of the organization in question and deliver it in collaboration with renowned experts as part of a wider training program or module. The basic idea behind the “Philosophy and Management” workshop, developed jointly by Academia Philosophia and the WU Executive Academy, is to bring two fundamentally different fields together: the philosophy of science, and management. Using traditional management models as a starting point, participants take a philosophical, i.e. systematic and logical, approach to reflecting on key aspects of management, such as strategy, structure and culture. The aim of this process is to establish a culture of reflection and examine the sine qua nons of management and business from a philosophical perspective..


  • providing participants with an opportunity to identify, explore and discuss sources of tension in organizations
  • guiding them in the process of critically analyzing and examining their lifeworlds as well as the foundations of their fields
  • with a focus on: helping them concentrate, reflect and distinguish between what is important and what is not



Dr. Bernd Waß

Founding member of the Academia Philosophia | philosopher, writer, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Philosophie

Dr. Heinz Palasser

Founding member of the Academia Philosophia | philosopher, writer, columnist, consultant

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Philosophy teaches us to act, not to speak.

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