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Executive MBA Energy Management

Get the Skills You Need to Manage the Global Energy Transition

In the future, the energy market will be even more complex than it already is today. In the years to come, disruption, innovations, and regulations will give rise to numerous changes, which will entirely reinvent the way (energy) markets work. The transformation of the global energy market will be at the heart of this development.

In the part-time Executive MBA Energy Management you will learn key global energy issues faced by decision makers and businesses across the globe and you will develop the tools to handle these issues.

Focusing on the Right Topics in Your Daily Work

Using international case studies, you will work on assignments with a strong practical orientation related to supply and demand, the effects of renewable energy forms, and market regulation: Are past and ongoing crises and their effects on the energy market good or bad for the industry overall? Which effects on renewable energy can be expected? What adjustments and adaptations should be made to further future-proof the current system? How do regulations influence the market opportunities of start-ups? The effects and consequences of innovations on the energy market are also explored: How would revolutionizing the development of hydrogen-powered engines affect the booming e-mobility industry? If a technological invention were to reduce the price at which producers offer to sell wind energy, what would that mean for the market? Would more investments in such a technology translate into an increased demand for wind energy? What would that mean for the global market and the positioning of your own enterprise?

Designed & Taught by Leaders of the Energy Industry

The program provides the knowledge and real-world tools needed in the energy sector and has been designed by international energy experts. It offers you some of the top academic and business management minds in the world, combining expert theoretical knowledge with real-world experience in top global companies. Their commitment to excellence is what makes our program so special.

    • WU Executive Academy: Accreditations & MBA-Rankings

      The Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU) is one of Europe's leading universities and can look back on over 100 years of excellence in executive education. We are proud to have received the prestigious triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, which is reflected in the outstanding quality of our executive education. This has also been recognized in international rankings:

      • Top 40: QS World University Ranking

      • Top 45: Financial Times European Business School Ranking

    • Real Life Content

      • Energy Transformation focus with subject-specific classes offered throughout the entire program
      • Bring your own business challenges to class for discussion
      • Real life cases and exclusive company visits
      • Apply your newly acquired knowledge directly to your job
    • Global Network

      • Over 6,500 members from approx. 100 nations
      • Online student and alumni platform
      • Local community chapters
      • Exclusive events and services
      • A great resource for company insights and exchange
    • International Experience

      • International residency in one of the key areas of the global energy business (e.g. USA, Arabian Gulf, Brazil etc.)
      • Insights into leading energy companies and unique projects, e.g. Saudi Aramco, Shell Headquarters (Houston), Silicon Valley Power, Halliburton, e-meter (subsidiary of Siemens AG), Bidgely, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, MASDAR.
    • International Faculty

      • Faculty members from top universities around the globe
      • Acclaimed experts and research leaders
      • Guest speakers from top corporations
    • Blended Learning

      • Compact format with 18 months duration
      • Lectures in the classroom and through our online learning platform

Developing ideas together and learning from each other

You and your peers will bring a wealth of professional and personal experience from different industries, functions and cultures to the table, making a significant contribution to the high quality of the program. Joining forces to develop new ideas, reflecting on the realities of professional life together and exchanging views and opinions with like-minded international colleagues is what forms the foundation of a cutting-edge executive education. You will learn, share methods and generate new ideas; and of course, build a network of long-lasting relationships with like-minded international peers. At the same time, you will establish a valuable network that spans the entire globe and which you can rely on at any time.

Target Group

  • Executives from governmental and non-governmental energy companies
  • Industry professionals (middle and top management) in all areas of energy management
  • Professionals from international organizations (United Nations, OPEC, OECD, IAEA etc.)
  • Technical professionals moving to a general management position
  • Employees in public services and regulatory bodies
  • Professionals from international financial institutions (researcher, analysts)

Sarah Eleanor Hedden

  • Consultant in European Sustainable Development Strategy Projects | MCR | Austria

Recognizing the significant resource sustainability challenges the world faces, I was searching for a program, which took a balanced and interdisciplinary approach to developing management skills. The program has not disappointed. Over the past 18 months my fellow classmates and I have learnt from some of the world’s leading experts in energy management. We’ve shared together our experiences in industry and our diverse lives across the world, and we’ve developed critical skills from the program needed to manage the complexity of the changing world.

Official Degree - Executive Master of Business Administration

After completing the program you will graduate with the academic title "Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)" from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

    • How can managers with 50-60 hours working time manage the program?

      Completing an MBA program while working is a demanding endeavor. The WU Executive Academy offers flexible options that will enable you to better integrate your studies in your professional and private life.

      Blended learning structures optimize knowledge transfer and make for smooth learning journeys. Access to our e-learning platform allows you to finish your assignments in a flexible way – on your way to work, the lunch break, or during a business trip.

      You can choose between two tracks in the first year of the Executive MBA program (the Business Core): the On-Campus Track or the Hybrid Track. Both tracks consist of seven modules each. If you choose the On-Campus Track, you will complete all modules on site; if you opt for the Hybrid Track, you will travel to the campus for four modules and take the remaining three as synchronous and asynchronous online sessions.

      Choose the On-Campus Track to experience all our campus has to offer as well as a lively on-site exchange with faculty and fellow students at the impressive WU Campus. Alternatively, opt for a mix of classes on site of the WU Campus (4x) and online teaching (3x) in the Hybrid Track, which will let you benefit from mutual exchange and networking on site while simultaneously saving you days off from work and money as three of the modules will not require travel to and from the campus.

    • How are students evaluated during the Executive MBA?

      • Participation in class: Students are continuously evaluated during classroom discussions and video conferences. Every contribution, whether written or spoken, is taken into account.
      • Individual assignments: Students are asked to participate in quiz questions, individual assignments or evaluated homework.
      • Group assignments: As part of a small team, students must prepare presentations, research papers or papers.

Executive MBA Scholarships

We are currently granting numerous partial scholarships for the Executive MBA Energy Management. More information is available at our scholarship webpage.

Financing your executive education

Scholarships and financial advice to help you achieve your goals.

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