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Executive MBA Bucharest Student Curriculum and Course List

Executive MBA Bucharest | Curriculum

The modular structure of our MBA programs allows managers to take a world-class MBA while pursuing their careers. Below, please find an overview of all modules taught during the MBA. Click on the module names for detailed content information.

Răzvan Munteanu, MBA

  • CFO / VP Finance | MEGA IMAGE - Ahold Delhaize Group | Romania

The WU Executive MBA was a unique experience which has developed me immensely as a professional, leader and individual. Generally, the program offers great opportunities to access the latest business tools, to develop professional and entrepreneurial skills and to strengthen the capabilities required to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment. In particular, working with top-caliber fellow students on business cases, simulations and projects offers amazing opportunities to design and test strategic and commercial solutions to a wide range of business challenges. I highly recommend the program to top executives who want to accelerate their professional development to the next level.

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    • Competitive Analysis and Strategy

      This module comprises business and corporate strategy issues and tackles contemporary topics such as strategic agility, modern business models, and the sustainability of competitive advantage in highly uncertain and turbulent environments. Develop skills in situational analysis and strategy development.

    • Executive Lab

      The content of the executive lab is flexibly adjusted to reflect current issues and challenges of executives. Thus, the lab may cover current developments such as macroeconomic trends or challenges encountered in the context of digitization. The topics change regulary  and include fresh input from distinguished guest speakers from the business or academic community.

    • Business, Government, and Macroeconomics

      Understand the roles of government and business in society and alternative systems of economics and political values. Find out more about the socio-political, economic and cultural conflicts affecting the business sector.

    • Leading People and Organizations

      Learn theories and frameworks for the analysis of individual, group, and organizational behavior. Take decisions and develop action plans on which effective leadership is based. Grasp concepts vital for effective human resource management - including personnel selection, reward and compensation systems, and collective bargaining.

    • Managerial Accounting

      Learn how to analyze internal accounting data and use the results to make good management decisions, in addition to discussing overarching planning and control issues. Understand how and why various costing systems, such as activity-based costing, can be very valuable. Learn tools such as transfer pricing, variance analysis, and incremental costing decisions.

    • Financial Management

      Learn about the theory and practice of finance from an analytical perspective, about sources and usage of funds in evolving financial markets. Apply the basic financial concepts of risk, return, and valuation to decisions that a corporate financial officer or manager must make.

    • Advanced Financial Management

      Learn and apply advanced concepts for corporate financial decisions at executive level, including those related to investment, corporate finance, and global markets.

    • Business Analytics for Executives

      Digitalization of business processes, big data, the internet of everything (IoE), etc. These trends have made the strategic management of IT, data, and sophisticated analytics a complex, but potentially differentiating, core business capability. Develop a deep understanding of these trends and the ability to analyze the strategic and economic aspects of leveraging data for efficiency, innovation, and corporate transformation.

    • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

      In today’s complex and dynamic environments, innovation and entrepreneurship are key challenges. Learn about innovation and entrepreneurship as a driving force of competitive advantage. Understand what is needed to enable and manage innovations within and outside of the boundary of organizations.

    • Operations and Supply Chain Management

      Advance your understanding of operations and supply chain management in different types of organizations. Examine and apply the concepts and principles related to the management of efficient and effective supply, quality, and innovation within service and manufacturing organizations.

    • Contemporary Issues in Global Business

      In this module, you learn to understand and develop strategies that respond to contemporary global trends and issues such as the recent backslash to globalization or the massive digital transformation that is affecting all industries. Emphasis is placed on assessing opportunities and constraints and to learn from corporations that we will be visiting during this residency.

    • Strategic Marketing Management

      Analytic perspectives, concepts, and decision tools of marketing are taught with regards to offer, distribution channels, pricing, and communication programs. Learn how to develop and implement an appropriate marketing mix to carry out a firm’s strategy in its target markets.

    • Negotiations and Conflict Management

      Identify typical challenges and difficulties inherent to various negotiation situations. Learn hands-on strategies and techniques to effectively manage these challenges. Improve your skills as an effective negotiator and conflict manager.

    • Change Management

      Strategic, cultural, and organizational changes are interconnected. People who take the lead in change processes need to understand the dynamics from these interrelationships. Understand the complexity of organizational development in your own organization and the vital role of leadership in change processes. Reflect on your own role in change processes and your leadership qualities.

    • Immersions in the USA and Austria

      Complete immersions in the US and in Austria. During immersions, lectures and class-room activity are combined with company visits and guest talks. Get an overview of contemporary challenges that companies face and how they approach these issues. Exchange ideas and discuss key learnings with corporate representatives from some of the world’s foremost companies.

Master Thesis - Entrepreneurial Capstone Project

The entrepreneurial Capstone Project is a key component of the Executive MBA Bucharest. Participants need to apply all their intellect, knowledge and acquired skills when working on entrepreneurial projects such as entering new markets, introducing new products or creating a business plan for a successful start-up.  

Academic Qualification

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Tereza Tranaka, MBA

  • Managing Partner | Oxygen PR

This is an MBA for top executives that goes beyond theory deep into the very practical aspects of the job. The learning was extremely valuable and gave me an opportunity to interact, exchange ideas, and learn from some of the brightest minds and best professionals in Romania, my classmates. I highly recommend this program, which is by far the best one in Romania, if not the region.

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