Doing Business in Latin America

The International Immersion focused on providing a solid understanding of the business environment of the first and the third largest economies in Latin America and the Caribbean: Brazil and Argentina. The students gained understanding of the main characteristics of the two economies and the evolution of their main indicators. As emering markets, the two countries are influence by a multitude of factors - governmental and political on the one side, and cultural on the other side.

The International Immersion aimed to develop competencies in evaluating business opportunities in emerging markets, while mitigating economic, business and political risks. As the two biggest countries in South America, Argentina and Brazil can be a great example for the main cultural and political characteristics of Latin America, that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about entering markets in the region. The International Immersion gave deep insights into business practices and the economic strengths and weaknesses of the region and their leading companies.

Picture of Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile - Latin Americas cities have much to offer.

Discovering Vast Differences Between the Academic World and Everyday Life

Visiting modern universities, listening to expert talks and speaking to local entrepreneurs and business managers, students experiences the big challenges countries in Latin America, like Argentina or Brazil, are facing: skyrocketing inflation, large disparities in wealth and a weak currency. The International Immersion allowed students to view and experience these conditions, which are often foreign to Western business people, firsthand and learn how local entrepreneurs deal with the particularities of the market.

Picture of a lecture hall
Modern universities cast a progressive, affluent image on Latin America, although wealth distribution in its countries is highly inequitable.

Academic Sessions and Business Presentations

The International Immersion offered a mix of academic sessions at FGV Sao Paulo and IAE Business School in Buenos Aires and visits of companies in many diffrent sectors, ranging from the travel industry to the energy sector.

Lecture Hall picture
Academic sessions with Professors and industry experts gave theoretical insights into how to do business in Latin America...
Picture of a company site visit
...while company visits enabled the students to immerse themselves into the business reality of e.g. Argentina and Brazil.

Cultural Immersion into the Heart of Latin America

Besides the academic and business aspects of the International Immersion, the students experienced the cultural side of Latin America with a Tango evening with dancing lessons, dinner and showdancing, and with a tour at Morumbi Stadium, one of the largest football stadiums in South America.

Group Picture in the Stadium
The students experience a touch of football euphoria at the Morumbi Stadium.
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