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Scandinavian Leadership & Design Thinking

Design Thinking & Service Design

Finland is world-famous for high-tech and innovation, as well as for its outstanding contribution to industrial design and architecture. What is more obvious than traveling to Helsinki for a deep dive into design thinking & service design? This International Immersion – designed by our colleagues from Aalto EE - is all about understanding the practice of design thinking, innovation management and creativity with a special focus on leadership and culture. A varied program was organized for the MBA students, complete with interactive theory sessions and study visits to 12 innovative companies in Finland.

With a special focus on leadership and culture the International Immersion enabled students to develop deeper understanding of how design thinking and service design can successfully be implemented into innovation processes and leading creativity.

international experience finland

Interactive Classroom Sessions...

Delving into the principles of design thinking, students explored how corporations can embrace them to transform their leadership culture to be more agile, innovative and entrepreneurial. Creating value, managing uncertainty and innovate in a sustainable manner have become a way of thinking, working and leading.

Company Visit during the International MBA Experience
Expert talks during the company visits gave insights into Scandinavian business practices and entrepreneurship

...Transformed Into Best Practices

Practical assignments allowed students to be creative, experiment and immerse themselves into prototyping. Within creative workshops participants explored how leaders can empower their employees to help bring cultural transformation into their organization.

Finland International MBA Experience
Students worked on different projects together...
Finland International MBA Experience
...and presented the results to peers, professors and industry experts.

Company Discovery Visits

Company Visit at Halton

Visiting different organizations allowed the participants to explore how these companies have successfully applied concepts and frameworks discussed in class. They gained a deeper understanding of how design thinking and service design are successfully exploited across industries. Being successful in highly competitive landscapes requires to nurture and grow the creative capital – the processes, structures and people who drive these creative endeavors.

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