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Our Executive MBA Strategic Marketing & Sales is truly international, reflecting the realities of the business world. You will work alongside experienced executives from a broad range of companies and business areas, giving you an insight into their way of thinking and their approach to business. The following statistics are based on the last 3 intakes.


Executive MBA Strategic Marketing & Sales - class profile in detail

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Lisa Cichocki

  • Team Lead Communications | Institute of Science and Technology | Austria

After graduating with a doctorate in natural sciences, I started working in PR and communications in this field. A couple of years later, I wanted to challenge myself in an intense learning journey to broaden my knowledge in marketing and sales management. The MBA Marketing and Sales was the perfect choice.

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Portrait Igor Pejic

Igor Pejic, MBA

  • Head of Marketing | BNP Paribas Personal Finance | Austria

The WU MBA is about the people participating in the program. With their broad experience and diverse backgrounds, they create a unique learning environment. This setting helped me to get out of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons, and change my way of thinking.

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Your possible career paths

Diversity is key in class - the executives participating come from different nationalities and diverse professional backgrounds and pursue interesting and inspiring careers. Read through the career stories of our Alumni and understand the impact the Strategic Marketing & Sales MBA program can have on your professional life.

Dmitry Osokin, MBA

  • Business Unit Head Internal Medicine | Takeda | Austria

Describing my MBA in a nutshell, I would like to point out three key aspects: excellent reputation, well-balanced curriculum and excellent career prospects. In fact attending a part-time MBA means hard work as well. Therefore, I very much appreciated the modulare structure, which fit perfectly my challenging full-time job. In addition to the professional package, this MBA gave me an enjoyable experience of being part of a class of outstanding international individuals. I regard this program as truly unique and I am proud that I was a part of the MBA Strategic Marketing & Sales.

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