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Class profile

Executive MBA students come from very diverse backgrounds, reflecting the realities of the business world. You will work alongside motivated executives from a broad range of companies and business areas, giving you an insight into their way of thinking, and their approach to business.

The following statistics are based on the last 3 intakes.


Răzvan Olteanu, MBA

  • COO | BigchainDB | Romania

The WU Executive MBA it is not just about learning new things. It is an experience, a life experience to be together with other executives and to learn from each other while all of us learn from the best. For me, the WU Executive MBA it is the best way to gain exposure to various business approaches outside of their natural business environment. Having access to these diverse approaches allowed me to experiment different solutions to the same issues. I would certainly recommend the program to any professional wishing for the same type of business life experience.

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Executive MBA Bucharest - class profile in detail

Click here to download a detailed class profile including nationalities, industry and functional background and management level of the participants.

Markus Maedler

  • Professor | Frankfurt School of Finance & Management | Germany

I was truly impressed with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the Executive MBA group. With their positive and pro-active attitude, participants contributed to a very positive learning environment in the classroom.

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