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Global Executive MBA | Double Degree Program | Part-Time

Global Executive MBA Program

Gain a global perspective

Ranked 45th worldwide: 19th in "working experience of students" and 13th in "international course experience" worldwide by the Financial Times.

The Global Executive MBA is an internationally-oriented, cutting-edge partnership between the University of Minnesota and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). It will provide you a unique 360° global vision with expert insights into management and leadership practice in developed and emerging markets on four continents.

The part-time program structure is designed to help you balance your demanding career and challenging but nurturing studies, while also developing your professional and personal skills. The MBA is just the start of your professional transformation, which continues beyond your 16 months at the WU Executive Academy. As an Global Executive Alumni, you continue your development with durable professional and personal relationships and learning within the Global Executive MBA community and the WU Executive Academy alumni network.

Jochen Borenich - Alumnus Global Executive MBA

Jochen Borenich, MBA

  • Member of the Executive Board | Kapsch BusinessCom

Especially in the highly competitive and innovation-driven IT and telecommunications industry, it was very difficult to find an MBA program to suit my ambitious educational needs as a senior manager. The didactic design, international focus and outstanding faculty sustainably enriched my professional career.

Double degree program

Participants of the Global Executive MBA receive two MBA degrees:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded by the WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded by the University of Minnesota, USA

Why the Global Executive MBA?

You'll get the tools and know how necessary to develop into a global leader:

Signe Viimsalu, MBA

  • Law Leader Baltics | EY | Estonia

After working for many years as an entrepreneur and venture builder, I embarked on my Global EMBA journey. The international residencies, the modules, my peers in the classroom – all of that allowed me to extend my knowledge on doing business on a global scale not only from a start-up, but a corporate perspective. My strong legal background and my broadened perspective on global business enabled my next great career move as a leader in international consulting.

Financing your excutive education

Scholarships and financial advice to help you achieve your goals.

8 reasons for the WU Executive Academy

We provide everything you need for today´s challenges in the business world.

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