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MBA Energy Management international residency

The MBA Energy Management curriculum extends well beyond the walls of the classroom. In the course of program, you will complete an international residency, working with international faculty members and practitioners. The international residency links theoretical input to practical examples in an international context. Besides attending different classes and distinguished guest speaker presentations, students visit leading companies.

Four out of five residencies take place in Vienna. The international residency takes place in one of the key areas of the global energy business (e.g. USA, Arabian Gulf, Brazil etc.). This residency is designed to not only cover specific topics during the various modules but also provide insights into leading energy companies and unique projects, e.g. Saudi Aramco, Shell Headquarters (Houston), Silicon Valley Power, Halliburton, e-meter (subsidiary of Siemens AG), Bidgely, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, MASDAR.

In the past, international residencies took place e.g. in:

Company visits

Company visits

In addition to classes abroad, you will get the opportunity to meet senior executives of leading national and international corporations. Here, you will have the chance to ask questions and listen to their views on the most current issues facing the global energy markets.

You will be exposed to different ways of working, secure new contacts and gain a global awareness of operating in international markets. You also might have the chance to visit energy plants, nuclear power plants, alternative energy plants and hydro plants to get a first-hand lesson in energy management. 

Murad Bagliev

  • Student | Rosneft | Moscow | Russia

The international residency was the highlight of the program. The high-level speakers as well as the taught strategy and energy trading course were top! Visiting energy hotspots and leading companies together with my fellow classmates made this a very well organized overseas field trip.

Impressions from the US residency

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