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Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

ⓘ Covid-19: Currently, we are offering modules in a hybrid format, i.e. in-class teaching with simultaneous online participation for those students who are facing travel restrictions.


The prosperity of society comes from innovation – new products, new services, new business models, new processes, and new combinations. For organizations in all forms and sizes, including startups, SME, multinationals, NPO, and NGO, innovation has become the competitive factor number 1. However, innovation does not happen out of the blue. It is driven by entrepreneurs – individuals who spot innovation opportunities earlier than others, recognize the big picture, and develop the opportunity with passion and the right tools.

The Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides the right equipment: strategy, methods, insights, practical skills, cases, and network access.

    • Real-Life Content

      • You bring your business challenges to class for discussion
      • International residency (USA), real-life cases and exclusive company visits
      • Apply your newly acquired knowledge directly to your job
    • Global Network

      • Over 4,500 members from  over 85 nations
      • Online student and alumni platform
      • Local community chapters
      • Exclusive events and services
      • A great resource for company insights and exchange
    • Blended Learning

      • Compact format with 18 months duration
      • Lectures in the classroom and through our online learning platform
    • International Faculty

      • Faculty members from top universities around the globe, e.g. WU Wien, Pennsylvania State University, RWTH Aachen, Tel Aviv University
      • Acclaimed experts and research leaders
      • Guest speakers from top corporations, e.g. Microsoft, Rewe, Google

Prof. Nikolaus Franke

  • Academic Director | Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation | WU Vienna

In the 21st century, entrepreneurship capabilities are like reading and writing in the 19th and English language and computer proficiency in 20th century: absolutely essential for careers in all businesses.

Strong practical relevance

Theory and practice need to go hand in hand; our carefully selected academic lecturers from technical universities such as TUM or RWTH Aachen University and other top universities therefore accompany expert practitioners in the classroom.

Experienced practitioners teach in class

In every module, start-ups, VCs, top managers or other experts from the entrepreneurship ecosystem present best practices as well as case examples and are available for individual feedback sessions. Apart from that, you will develop your entrepreneurial skills as far as pitching, storytelling and negotiating are concerned.

Connect with the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem

Successful entrepreneurs need a strong network. We provide E&I students important opportunities to connect with the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Vienna.

  • E&I boot camp This boot camp will set the scene for the specialization of the program: what can you expect, what can you achieve, how can you contribute to the program entrepreneurially speaking? Also, the boot camp offers you an ideal opportunity to connect with both the WU Entrepreneurship Center and the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, which, in turn, will allow you to build a network of excellent contacts within the start-up community.
  • WU Entrepreneurship Center: The WU Entrepreneurship Center is WU Vienna's hub for all matters relating to entrepreneurship. As a student, you will benefit not only from a wide variety of contacts, presentations and workshops but also from having access to various networks. This is the place to go for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for specific advice, support or partners.
  • Entrepreneurship Café: Co-organized by the WU Executive Academy and the WU Entrepreneurship Center, this event offers students an opportunity to gather a wealth of information regarding a potential career in entrepreneurship. In individual coaching sessions and expert chats, you can interact with investors, venture capitalists, business angels, and growth-hacking experts. More than 30 experts from the fields of entrepreneurship and marketing, investor search and finance, as well as commerce and law will provide you with tips, feedback and impetus during one-on-one “dates”.
  • Demo Day Preparation and E&I Touchdown: This is another opportunity to once again test your practical skills. During the “Demo Day”, those who intend to present their application projects/master's theses in the course of the “E&I Touchdown”, the big end-of-term event, will be able to go through their pitches with their peers and experienced coaches. At the E&I Touchdown, they will have 45 seconds to convince an exclusive audience of some hundred investors, consultants, entrepreneurs, and students of the merits of their projects.
  • Coworking Space: Students have access to business accelerators like WeXelerate or Talent Garden where they can link with startups and international corporate partners in an out-of-class setting, develop ideas together, and advance their own projects.
  • WU Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Students have numerous opportunities to benefit from this internationally leading research center, such as direct access to high potentials from the Master/Bachelor level. Students have access to a research center that is an international leader with a focus on open and user innovation (, giving you an opportunity not only to connect directly with high potentials from master's and bachelor's programs but also to sponsor them and have them work on real projects from your own professional practice. It will also be possible for you to serve as coaches and lecturers.

Study your own project

Our students are invited to apply the theory learned on their own business cases, challenges, or projects. The projects can be a corporate challenge (e.g. developing a new business model) or focus on a startup topic (e.g. writing a business plan). Beginning with a counselling session, students can work on their innovation projects – be it in assignments and in their master thesis. Faculty and our network support them.

Target group

The specialization is ideal for people with an entrepreneurial mindset who seek peers with diverse backgrounds (industries, nationalities, cultures) but a shared innovation spirit:

  • Entrepreneurs, executives and high-potentials with a focus on innovation, strategy, and R&D
  • Individuals with an engineering, science, IT, management, or other academic background
  • People who sense a need for a systematic management education to realize their ultimate career goals

Where our MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation students work (a selection)

Robert Bosch GmbH Sony Music China Construction Bank OMV United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Samsung Electronics

Choose the MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation if you ...

  • you are commited to transforming yourself to face new career challenges
  • you want to step outside your comfort zone
  • you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to explore new ways of collaboration & success
  • you believe in yourself and want yourself and your network to succeed.
    • How can managers with 50-60 hours working time manage the program?

      Although our MBA program is challenging, it is designed for working executives. That's why students can access our online forums from their smartphones or tablets, giving them the flexibility to manage their workloads on the go, whether they're on their way to work, on a lunch break, or traveling around the world.

    • How are students evaluated during the MBA?

      • Participation in class: Students are continuously evaluated during classroom discussions and video conferences. Every contribution, whether written or spoken, is taken into account.
      • Individual assignments: Students are asked to participate in quiz questions, individual assignments or evaluated homework.
      • Group assignments: As part of a small team, students must prepare presentations, research papers or papers.

Your USP as an E&I alumni

  • Expert for opportunity recognition and exploitation
  • Member of a strong network
  • Broadened horizon and the big picture
  • Capability to bridge business and technology, theory and application, across industries and cultures

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