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Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Business & technology

In an accelerating, technology-driven, global economy, a company’s ability to evolve and to innovate constantly, to seize opportunities and respond to developments no longer constitutes a strategic advantage. It is now a business requirement.

The Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation communicates those skills and techniques behind entrepreneurial thought and action, imparting expertise and thought processes - which enable managers and entrepreneurs to make crucial decisions and compete successfully.

Prof. Nikolaus Franke

  • Academic Co-Director | Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation | WU Vienna

Innovation means turning a creative new idea into a product or service that succeeds in the market. Therefore, successful innovation management requires technological excellence combined with profound business knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking. In our knowledge-based society, this combination is key to sustainable economic development.

How to make use of innovation

The program provides the appropriate skills and techniques, and thereby teaches entrepreneurial thinking and acting. The faculty members are internationally renowned experts. The organizers, the TU Wien and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), represent the link between technological excellence and business competence.

This MBA is an important step in the transfer of cutting-edge knowledge and management skills at highest international level.

Prof. Sabine Theresia Köszegi

  • Academic Co-Director | Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation | TU Wien

Innovations are not just the rare, trailblazing "breakthroughs”. Value is also generated for companies by creative product improvements, altered processes, new markets and more intelligent organization styles. However, anyone determining the rule of the game as an innovator not only generates wealth and social benefits but may also achieve a temporary monopoly benefit.

Target group

  • Executives who have positioned themselves as innovation leaders, or wish to do so
  • Engineers, scientists and specialists in product marketing or product controlling with managerial experience
  • High-potentials aiming at preparing themselves for an innovation-orientated managerial function
  • Aspiring and current entrepreneurs with a technological background

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