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International Residency | Professional MBA | Finance PMBA

International residency | MBA in Finance

When it comes to financial education and institutions, the Boston/Cambridge area is a fascinating place - both from an academic perspective and from a practical perspective. Several leading universities such as Harvard, M.I.T., Boston University, Bentley and Babson as well as the National Bureau of Economic Research are located in the area of Boston and Cambridge. Representatives of these institutions give exclusive lectures to the students of our MBA Finance. From a practical perspective, Boston locates both multinational high-tech companies and giant financial corporations. The financial center of Boston is one of the major financial centers in the USA and among the top 12 financial centers of the world. Many people consider Boston THE place for asset management and investment banking in the world.

Cutting-edge courses

Our students attend two classes featuring cutting-edge topics - "Behavioral Finance" and “Hot Topics in Finance”, making it possible for students to exchange experiences with outstanding professors. During the latter class, students gain exposure to new developments that are becoming increasingly important in the field of finance. Examples include "project finance", "pension finance", "Islamic finance" and “energy finance”.

Harvard Business School Library (Baker Library)

Renowned international experts

During the international residency in Boston, Cambridge and at Harvard University, the students have the opportunity to meet outstanding personalities. Here are a few examples from the past:

  • Behavioral Finance: Warren Cormier, Executive Director, DCIIA Retirement Research Center & founder of the Behavioral Finance Forum and Prof. Brigitte Madrian from Harvard Kennedy School of Government worked through the topic together with the students in 2014.
  • Behavioral Finance: Prof. Malcolm Baker from Harvard Business School held a guest speech on the topic of Bank Capital and the Low Risk Anomaly in 2014.
  • Hot Topics in Finance: Prof. Ehud Ronn, University of Texas / Austin, world-renowned expert for Energy Studies and director of the Center for Energy Finance Education and Research, was teaching on the topic of  Energy Finance in 2014.
  • Hot Topics in Finance: Prof. Nazim Ali, director of the Islamic Legal Studies program at the Harvard Law School, lectured about Islamic Finance and developed the horizon of the participants in new directions.
  • Hot Topics in Finance: Prof. Akash Deep from Harvard Kennedy School of Government was teaching infrastructure finance in 2016.
  • Hot Topics in Finance: Prof. Sophus A. Reinert from Harvard Business School was teaching globalization in 2018.
  • Hot Topics in Finance: Prof. Paul Healy from Harvard Business School was teaching ethics in finance in 2018.
  • Hot Topics in Finance: Prof. Akash Deep from Harvard Kennedy School of Government was teaching project finance in 2018.
  • Hot Topics in Finance: Prof. Joseph Lassiter from Harvard Business School was teaching entrepreneurship finance in 2018.
  • Keynote Speech: Prof. Jeffry Frieden from the Department of Government of Harvard held a keynote speech on the European Financial and Economic Crisis in 2014.
  • Keynote Speech: Prof. Robert Kaplan from Harvard Business School held a keynote speech on the balanced scorecard in 2016.
  • Keynote Speech: Prof. Kenneth Rogoff from Harvard University held a keynote speech on “the future of monetary policy: from negative interest rates to cryptocurrencies” in 2018.
Prof. Robert Kaplan | Harvard Business School | Keynote Speech 2016

S. Nazim Ali

  • Head of the Islamic Finance Center | Harvard Law School | USA

It was wonderful meeting you and rest of the members in the class. I am impressed with the quality of students and their enthusiasm and active participation in learning Islamic finance. The books which we have provided will benefit your students if they want to learn more on the subject.

Invaluable insights into the Boston financial system

The company visits are another undoubted highlight of the residency. They give students special insight into the American way of doing business and the strong financial system in the Boston and Cambridge area. Developing a thorough understanding of the US capital market is essential, especially for finance experts.   

By exchanging experiences with the finance experts of these organizations, students can identify similarities and differences between the US and the financial systems of their respective countries. Moreover, the company visits include presentations on finance-related and career-related topics.

The financial center of Boston - Outlook from the farewell dinner on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Center Building

Boston & the financial industry

Here you can listen to a speech by Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Paul Samuelson about the importance of Boston for the financial industry.

Walter Lackner, MBA

  • Head of Group Corporate Workout Competence Center | Erste Group

I have very much enjoyed the extraordinary opportunity to attend lectures by Harvard faculty members like Brigitte Madrian, Shariq Nisar, Shinju Fujihira, Malcolm Baker or Jeffry Frieden.

And finally a lot of impressions

The residency is rounded out by a social program (e.g. a campus tour at Harvard University, a sightseeing trip in Boston including the well-known Boston Freedom Trail and a farewell reception on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Center Building in Boston). Thanks to the social program, our students have plenty of opportunities to network in a relaxed atmosphere. Altogether, this international residency is designed to be a real highlight of the Professional MBA Finance and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students, both professionally and personally.

Group picture
Group picture (2018)
Group picture at the Harvard Faculty Club (2016)
Group picture in front of Harvard Memorial Hall (2014)
Students of the Professional MBA Finance at a Red Sox baseball game (2016)
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