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MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science | Professional MBA Program

MBA in Digital Transformation & Data Science

Transform businesses with digital innovation

No matter where you turn, business is being radically transformed by digitization. New, lucrative opportunities await initiators while the currently-leading company is actually being disrupted by a newcomer.

Whether you see this as an opportunity or a challenge, you can face this situation head-on with the Professional MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science. Take advantage of the latest MBA in the WU Executive Academy's portfolio, pick up the tools and strategies needed to master digital challenges and transform your business.

Prof. Axel Polleres

  • Academic Director | Professional MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science

The future of business will be digital. That much is certain. The pressure for companies is mounting and they need to act now not to be victims of disruptive competitors. Data plays an extremely important role in this context. All parts of a business from innovation to marketing produce data sometimes in huge quantities. In a world where the customer experience reigns supreme, the IoT is front and center, and AI is set to change business altogether, data is the backbone. This program provides executives with the know-how, tools, and strategies needed to master this challenge successfully.

Brand-new topics

These days, digitization, disruption and big data rank high on the corporate agenda everywhere because the rapid transformation has an impact on all industries. Designed to equip you with the fundamentals of both these technologies and a range of management tools, this specialized MBA will be your link between management knowledge and digitization processes. The approach is very hands-on so you will be able to connect what you learn to the context of the increasingly-digitized world.

High flexibility and multiple new networks

One advantage of the program is its high degree of flexibility as far as learning intensity and program duration are concerned: In addition to acquiring an understanding of general management topics (Business Core), it will be possible to complete parts of the specialization in advance. For example, those who want to take Data Science modules at the beginning, or have already done so in a short program at the WU Executive Academy, will now be able to use them for the entire MBA including the business core. This structure multiplies the available networking opportunities: you will not only meet colleagues from the MBA, but can also network with other experts in the field. These many different contacts are extremely valuable from a career perspective.


This MBA program entails 4 central parts: a "Business Core", "Data Science" (a 12-day program),  "Digital Transformation" (4 days) and one elective. You can influence the content of your MBA by choosing from a variety of offers; some modules have a strategy-drive focus, while others are more technical in nature. Current examples include "Blockchain Transforming Business“, „Organizational Design“, or „Data Governance“.

In addition, you can choose the timing of several of your modules and thereby influence the intensity and duration of your MBA.

MBA Digital Transformation Data Science
Digital skills are essential today to best prepare for the unique challenges of digitalization, data science, big data, and digital strategy.

Immediately applicable expertise & key tools

This MBA will provide you with immediately applicable expertise and key tools. This enables you to have better strategic foresight and to implement what you know effectively when returning to your job.

Target group

  • Data analysts aspiring to a management position
  • Experts from the technical field, who want to deepen their leadership skills and gain a good understanding of the general management topics.
  • Successful managers who see their future in the field of digitization and data science and who want to acquire the necessary expertise.
  • Executives who want to deepen and update their knowledge through an MBA program.

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