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Students and Alumni Speak about the Professional MBA Program

Voices: Students and Alumni Speak about the Professional MBA

Our students & alumni share their perspectives on the WU Executive Academy MBA experience.

Karina Sarkisian, MBA, Ph.D.

  • Alumna | Head of Financial and Operational Control Division | Rosneft | Russia

The Professional MBA not only opens your horizons, but also prepares you perfectly for future endeavors. This is exactly what people with experience and achievements in their careers need to take a fresh look at their current businesses and potential opportunities.

Karina Sarkisian @ LinkedIn

Dmitry Osokin, MBA

  • Alumnus | Strategic Account Manager | Roche Pharmaceuticals | Austria

I would like to point out three key aspects of this MBA: excellent reputation, well-balanced curriculum and excellent career prospects. In fact attending a part-time MBA program means hard work as well. Therefore, I very much appreciated the modular structure, which fit perfectly my challenging full-time job. I regard this program as truly unique. In addition to the professional package, this MBA gave me an enjoyable experience of being part of a class of outstanding international individuals. I am proud that I was a part of the Professional MBA Marketing & Sales.

Dmitry Osokin @ LinkedIn

Ying Wu, MBA

  • Alumna | International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Coming from a technical background, I decided to take this MBA program in order to broaden my horizon, study economics and business, and improve my management skills. The study workload is high, but what I have learned from it is worth all the effort I have paid. This MBA program has truly fulfilled my expectations. Also, working with and learning from classmates from different backgrounds is very eye-opening. What is more, this study has not only passed on knowledge, but has also ignited my enthusiasm for further engagement in entrepreneurship and innovation. I am very happy to have chosen this MBA program.

Igor Likhogrud, MBA

  • Alumnus | Executive Director | Priorbank JSC | Belarus

The part-time structure, the good atmosphere among like-minded class mates, the excellent organization and the extraordinary venue make this a one-of-a-kind executive education program.

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