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Student & Alumni Voices | Project Management MBA | WU Academy

Student & Alumni Voices | MBA Project Management

Farid Mammadov, MBA

  • Alumnus | Country Manager | Mott MacDonald CZ | Azerbaijan

Project management is a tool which gives you the chance to move your professional life toward important strategic objectives. It is a good management instrument for career development and professional self-realization. It is also a skill which can be learned as well as any other. The WU Executive Academy’s Professional MBA Project Management program is providing a very practical, highly considered, flexible and team-focused educational approach to project management in business-oriented learning environment. As a student of the program, I’m improving my knowledge in the project management field, learning more about different methods and techniques for further practical application in various public and private projects. This program offers everything I need to succeed in my professional development.

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Milena Prvulovic, MBA

  • Alumna | Programme Specialist | United Nations Development Programme | Geneva
  • Switzerland

The Professional MBA Project Management allowed me to perfect my skills and more importantly hone the systemic approach to projects and daily work, invaluable skills throughout one’s career. The professors of the MBA offered not only knowledge but wealth of experience and precious practice pointers. Although it is a cliché often found in MBA overviews I was amazed with how the diversity of our class offered variety of views and approaches and eventually enriched all of us.

Portrait Lukianov Maksym

Maksym Lukianov, MBA

  • Alumni | Professional MBA Project Management | Ukraine

It was just actually about the right time for making an investment in my future career and also investing in this knowledge on how to organize this chaos around and in project management. So yes, this was my main reason.

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