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MBA Social Management for NPOs and social organisations.

MBA Social Management

The maturity of a society’s culture is assessed by the level of respect and appreciation its people have of the weakest and unprivileged members. Those in charge of this integral social duty should have the best education possible in the field.

Cutting-edge knowledge of modern management methods for the social and non-profit area

Hence, for over 20 years the Professional MBA in Social Management offers latest insights into and cutting-edge knowledge of modern management methods. These include innovative solutions in the social and non-profit field fostering the competitiveness of non-profit organizations and sustainably advancing social standards in society.

Johannes Guger, MBA

  • Alumnus | Secretariat-General | Austrian Red Cross | Austria

It is our duty to provide effective and efficient services. This is perhaps even more important than in the for-profit sector given that we take care of people in need of help who rely on us and trust us to come to their aid. The Professional MBA Social Management teaches you key tools and skills required to meet the challenge.

Program information in detail

Please find the complete information about the Professional MBA Social Management program on our German website.

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