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Markus Sabadello

Markus Sabadello

Founder of Danube Tech | pioneer and leader in the field of digital identity

Ivan Sandrea

CEO | Sierra Oil & Gas | Mexico

Rupert Sausgruber


Professor | Institute for Public Sector Economics | WU Vienna | Austria

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Thomas Schachner

Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain / Logistics & SOIP | Lixil Water Technology / Grohe AG | Germany

Christian Schäfer

Managing Director | Christian Schäfer GmbH Versicherungsmakler | Austria

Manuel Schalk

Head of Legal Department | Wiener Städtische Insurance Group | Austria

Barbara Schallmeiner

Lecturer | Department of Financial Accounting and Auditing |WU Vienna | Austria

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Dieter Scharitzer

A 4515830

Assistant Professor | Institute of Marketing Management | WU Vienna | Austria

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Markus Schauer

Management consultant | trainer and coach in the team of

Peter Scheer

Medical Coaching & Consulting | NOTUBE | Austria

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Manfred Schekulin

Director | Export and Investment Policy | Austrian Federal Ministry of Science | Austria

Walter Schertler

Professor and former Head of Institute of Organisation and Strategic Management | University of Trier | Germany

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Bernhard Scherzinger

Executive Director | Management Results Consulting GmbH | Austria

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Michael Scheuch

Head of Brand Management | Österreich Werbung | Austria

Stefan Schiel

Managing Director | marketmind | Austria

Bodo B. Schlegelmilch

Professor and Head of Institute | Institute of International Marketing Management and Founding Dean of the WU EA | WU Vienna | Austria

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Angelika Schmidt


Associate Professor | Institute for Change Management and Management Development | WU Vienna | Austria

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Christian Schmidt

Professor | University Hospital Rostock | Germany

Johannes Schneider

Partner | decode Marketingberatung GmbH | Germany

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René Schneider

Partner | Harrer Schneider Attorneys at Law | Austria

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Detlef Schoder

Professor | Department of Information Systems and Information Management | University of Cologne | Germany

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Werner Schöfberger

Werner Schöfberger

Head of the Business Unit Process Automation | Siemens | Austria

Astrid Schornick

Professor | CBS International Business School Cologne | Germany

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Hans-Joachim Schramm

Lecturer | Department of Global Business and Trade | WU Vienna | Austria

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Arnold Schuh

Assistant Professor | Head of  Competence Center for Emerging Markets and CEE  | WU Vienna | Austria

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Florian Schuhmacher

Schuhmacher Florian

Professor | Institute for Civil, Commercial and Securities Law | WU Vienna | Austria

Andreas Schüler


Chair | Department of Corporate Finance and Financial Services | Universität der Bundeswehr München | Germany

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Helmut Schüller

Pastor of Vienna University of Economics and Business and Probsdorf | Austria

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Martin Schwarzbichler

Head of Finance & Projects | OMV Gas & Power GmbH | Austria

Robert Schwertner

Head of business development for the blockchain platform

Leopold Seiler

Managing Director | SAM - Seiler Asset Management | Austria

Piet Sercu

Professor | Faculty of Business & Economics | K.U. Leuven | Belgium

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Michael Seyss

Managing Director | Schwechater Druckerei Seyss | Austria

Rachna Shah

Associate Professor | Carlson School of Management | USA

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Shay Scott

Shay Scott

Executive Director | Global Supply Chain Institute | University of Tennessee | USA

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Adnan Shihab-Eldin

Director General | Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science

Former Secretary General | OPEC

Pervin Shroff

Professor and Frederick H. Grose Chair in Accounting | Carlson School of Management | USA

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Walter Siebert

Owner | Siebert Consulting | Austria

Enno Siemsen

Associate Professor | Carlson School of Management | USA

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Alexander Siffling

Account Management | LOCOM Software GmbH | Germany

Gilbert Silvius

Professor | LOI University of Applied Sciences | Netherlands

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Christian Simmet

Head Division Individualgeschäft | Wüstenrot Group | Austria

Elena Simperl

Professor | Computer Science | University of Southampton | United Kingdom

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David Sluss

Associate Professor | Scheller College of Business | Georgia Institute of Technology | USA

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Craig Smith

Chaired Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility | INSEAD | France

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Robert Sobotka

Board Member | Finanzmarketing Verband (FMVOE) | Austria

Olivier Soupa

Principal | Arthur D. Little

- 15+ years of management consulting experience in the Energy sector with a focus on upstream oil and gas
- Consulting focus on strategy, organization, people management, portfolio management, process and operations, Carbon capture and storage and renewables

Wolfgang Sovis

Founder | Consulting Dr. Wolfgang Sovis | Austria

Gerhard Speckbacher

Speckbacher Gerhard

Professor | Institute for Strategic Management and Management Control | WU Vienna | Austria

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Sarah Spiekermann

Professor | Institute for Management Information Systems | WU Vienna | Austria

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Karoline Spies

Research Associate | Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law | WU Vienna | Austria

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Hans Spitzauer

Managing Director | Championships Human Development | Austria

Martin Spitzer

Professor | Institute for Business Law | WU Vienna | Austria

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Günter Stahl

Professor | Institute for International Business | WU Vienna | Austria

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Heinz Stahl


Managing Director | Stahl und Partner OG | Austria

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Bert Stahlmann

Owner | Stahlmann RiskFinance Solutions | Germany

Andreas Stang

Director | Center of Clinical Epidemiology | University of Duisburg-Essen | Germany

Liane Stangl

Austrian Court of Audit | Austria

Johanna Stefan

Founder | J. Stefan Consulting | Austria

Gerhard Steger

Head of Section | Austrian Court of Audit | Austria

Johannes Steyrer

Associate Professor | Interdisciplinary Institute of Management and Organizaitonal Behavior | WU Vienna | Austria

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Petra Stolba

Dr. Petra Stolba, Österreich Werbung, Wien am 28.05.2010

CEO | Österreich Werbung | Austria

Barbara Stöttinger

Associate Professor and Dean of WU Executive Academy | WU Vienna | Austria

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Mark Strembeck

Portrait of Mark Strembeck

Associate Professor | Institute for Information Systems and New Media | WU Vienna | Austria

- Network Analysis

- Data Science

- Security Engineering

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Miguel Suarez Vasquez

Suarez Miguel

Research Fellow | Institute for Transportation | WU Vienna | Austria

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Irene Sudy

Sudy Irene

Research Fellow | Institute for Business Logistics and General Management | Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg | Germany

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Jörg Sydow


Professor | Department of Management | Freie Universität Berlin | Germany

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