Invest in Your Future by Investing in Executive Education

Many executives and high potentials are asking themselves the question these days: is the current crisis-ridden time with high inflation the right time to do an MBA or other executive education? Absolutely - the only risk-free investment, even in uncertain times, is the investment in oneself, in one's own further development with an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Self Investment is the Best Investment

Investing in yourself, your career and your future is the best way to prepare for post-crisis times, increase your market value and gain a competitive advantage in the labor market. Also, the investment in executive education is not subject to interest rate fluctuations and moreover, skills and leadership are always in demand.

Career Boost as a Safe Investment

Especially in times of crisis, a lot of structure and sound knowledge is needed at management levels to better assess interactions and economic interrelationships as well as forward-looking entrepreneurial decisions. In times of crisis, an MBA often serves not only to strive for further career advancement, but also to secure the current position vis-à-vis others. In the right key position in the company, with forward-looking positioning and the relevant expertise, one makes oneself indispensable for the employer in the long term. What could be a better sign of motivation for the job than an investment in executive education, developing one's own competencies and skills?

Return on Investment Using the Example of the Global Executive MBA

The return on investment (ROI) of an Executive MBA is complex and goes far beyond the financial return - i.e. an increase in salary. According to the Financial Times, the investment in the WU Executive Academy's Global Executive MBA will pay off just 3 years after graduation, as the salary of MBA graduates increases significantly on average.

At a time, when companies face challenges with keeping their top talent, they are often willing to contribute to the tuition fee. Furthermore, by paying for an MBA program instead of a financial bonus, both the employer and employee can save on taxes. Besides this, the WU Executive Academy offers payment by installment without charging any interest or fees. This offers the opportunity to pay for the tuition over a period of up to three financial years. And of course, students can also claim tax returns in most countries, when paying the tuition fee.

The 4 Dimensions of ROI

Besides the financial ROI of one's own education or that of one's employees, there is much more. Regardless of whether you look at ROI from the company's point of view, or from the individual's point of view: What counts is the economic logic. Further education has been successful if it is (financially) profitable and generates concrete added value. In practice, both profitability and added value can have different dimensions.

1. Financial ROI

To measure the success of an investment, clear objectives are necessary. These allow for a comparison before and after the investment. For specialized training, such as in sales or IT, it's easy to set specific goals. The same applies to salary increases or job offers after an MBA or other executive education. For soft skills, the measurement is more complex because individual competencies must be taken into account. For example, whether a manager can apply new tools or mindsets for themselves and their team.

2. Skills and Competence Enhancement

Executive education aims to acquire new knowledge and skills, especially in fast-paced times. Adaptability is a key competency for leaders in the 21st century. In addition to new tools and methods, it's important to cultivate the right mindset. For organizations, further education is essential to adapt and grow. Recruiting and training employees for new topics is becoming more challenging, but targeted internal education can solve this.

3. The Network

A primary reason for executive education is networking. Organizations promote organizational culture by allowing employees to interact with like-minded individuals. Companies see benefits when their employees learn with others, as this promotes knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences. But networks are also crucial for individuals. Further education provides a platform for getting to know each other, for future collaborations, and for recognizing one's own talents and competencies.

4. The Unique Added Value of Executive Education

In discussions about the value of executive education, positive side effects such as increased self-confidence, courage, and assertiveness are often overlooked. Many graduates report increased job satisfaction and passion after their education. It broadens horizons, reveals new perspectives, and allows for testing new approaches. It also promotes self-reflection, helps clarify personal questions, and contributes to a fulfilling professional life.

    • 125 Years of Teaching Experience

      • Prestigious academic pioneer: There are reasons why thousands of students from over 100 countries choose to study at the WU Vienna. Europe’s largest business university takes its responsibility to forge tomorrow’s leaders very seriously. Our unique vision of intelligent, sustainable leadership offers a significant competitive advantage in international business.

      • Top international faculty: Our faculty comprises an exclusive pool of some of the finest academic and business management minds around the globe. They are offering a wealth of real-world experience in leading international companies.

      • Research-led teaching: The quality of didactic content exerts a significant influence on the success of individuals, companies and, society as a whole. The foundation of curated, ongoing research guarantees the efficacy of our programs.

      • Leveraging cutting-edge theory into business practice: The core expertise we offer derives from an intensive and focused exchange with a range of business sectors and industries. This results in a proven hybrid of cutting-edge research and rock-solid, effective business practice.

      • Triple accreditation: The WU Vienna is one of only a few business universities worldwide awarded prestigious triple accreditation, confirming our place among the world’s elite.

      • High international rankings: We are justifiably proud of our top positions in leading international rankings.

      • Custom-designed learning environment: In the middle of a campus rich with award-winning architecture, the WU Executive Academy stands out. Our stunning, new building is custom-designed to provide the ultimate modern learning environment.

    • Study in the Heart of Europe

      • Beautiful study location - Vienna: An incomparable fusion of past and present, Vienna is a stunning place to work and study. Austria’s capital city pairs superb, modern infrastructure with art, architecture, culture, and cuisine. Consistently ranked among the most liveable cities in the world. Vienna is a thriving, accessible, central European hub for business, and home to numerous large corporations and international organizations.

    • Join a Diverse Network

      • Selected peer group: A challenging, stimulating environment is essential to maximize the benefits of our programs. Participants join a carefully selected, proactive group of like-minded, dynamic, responsible leaders. Together they question, discuss and debate the cases and solutions presented. The professional network built during your studies will continue to support your career long after you complete your learning journey.

      • Multicultural synergies: It would be absurd to study in a way or in an environment which did not reflect the most basic reality of international business. The broad range of nationalities and cultural backgrounds constituting the peer group contributes further to the added value of our programs. Offering a thought-provoking richness of perspectives.

      • Diverse industries and roles: The executives and managers who study at the WU Executive Academy come from a range of industries and companies. They play the most varied roles within these organizations. This diversity combines to offer an additional wealth of exciting insights into the challenges of the fast-paced, modern world of international business.

      • Varied, stimulating perspectives: Your colleagues’ diverse perspectives and the solutions you evolve combine to challenge you to consider things from a different perspective. A dynamic synergy arises within the peer group and your individual attitude evolves to an advanced level of innovative openness.

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