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John William Cadogan

Cadogan John Portrait

Professor and Chair | Institute of Marketing | Loughborough University | United Kingdom

Paola Carvajal

Principal | Arthur D. Little Houston Office

- 12+ years of consulting experience with focus on strategy, organization, and energy policy for NOCs and IOCs
- NOC exploration strategies design for complex resources
- Unconventional hydrocarbons, oil price perspectives, petro-nationalism

Jürgen Colombini

Managing Director | Unique Werbe GmbH | Austria

Warren Cormier

Founder and President of Boston Research Group | Co-Founder of the Behavioral Finance Forum | USA

Stefan Crass

[Translate to English:] Blockchain - Weiterbildung Kompakt - Stefan Crass

Senior Researcher | ABC Research

Lynn Crawford

Director of the Project Management Program | The University of Sydney | Australia

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Oliver Csendes

CEO at | Vienna | Austria

Peter Csoklich

Assistant Prae Doc | Institute of Civil- and Business Law | WU Vienna | Austria

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Jesus Crespo Cuaresma

Professor and Head of Institute | Institute for Macroeconomics | WU Vienna | Austria

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Christian Czernich

Managing Partner | Carpima Invest | Austria

Thomas Czypionka

Head of Health Economics and Health Policy | Institute for Advanced Studies | Austria

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