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Ronald Eberhard

CEO | The Lean Initiative | Austria

Georg Eckert

Professor | Institute of Business and Tax Law | University of Innsbruck | Austria

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Prokurist Wolfgang Ehling

Prokurist | Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft AG | Direktion für Österreich

Julia Eichinger

Assistant Professor | Institute of Austrian and European Labour Law and Social Law | WU Vienna | Austria

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Andreas Egger

CEO | Ticket Express | Austria

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Markus Ehrensberger

Trainer | eXperiences | Austria

Alexander Eisl

Assistant Professor | Institute for Finance Banking and Insurance | WU Vienna

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Wolfgang Elsik

Professor | Institute for Human Resource Management | WU Vienna | Austria

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Rieke Engelhardt

Professor | provadis School of Management and Technology | Germany

Pernille Eskerod

Professor | Webster University Vienna | Austria

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Michael Eßig

Chair | Institute for Distribution | Universität der Bundeswehr München | Germany

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