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Adventure tour @WU Executive Academy in Viennese Prater


September 25

Everybody has his or her fears and is afraid of something. We deny situations and challenges which are uncomfortable and scary - particularly in a business context. This keeps us away from developing ourselves and using thrill as a source to grow.


Yet we at the WU Executive Academy believe these thrilling moments are a powerful instrument for inner strength, creativity, fun and inspiration. They are what we need to be really innovative, effective, self-confident and courageous.


But the question remains: how can you overcome fear?


This is what our new concept is about. We want you to break down your barriers. Within our little adventure tour you can try scary things. Prof. Kathrin Köster gives you the theoretical background. Our Executive Education Team will guide you through this learning experience in Viennese Prater and you will get concrete tools and methods which help you in your daily business to deal with unexpected challenges.

Be courageous and open minded and join our event :-)


  • Introduction by WU Executive Academy and Prof. Kathrin Köster
  • Take your challenge at Viennese Prater
  • Exchange of experiences, debriefing, theoretical concept, key learnings and transfer to daily Business

If you now think “this is nothing for me” – you´re meant to do it. Trust in yourself. Register here. First come – first serve, reserve your ticket here by August 25, 2017.


Small group size – means only a limited number of tickets are available


Participation is free of charge


PS: If you want to read more about our Cheer up! Concept :-) click here

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