AI Dilemma - Balancing Caution and Excitement in AI

October 05, 2023

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AI Dilemma - Balancing Caution and Excitement in AI

What was considered science fiction a short time ago is possible today.

The current advancement and acceleration of AI make it necessary to have a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges it brings.

  • Should we idolize AI as a driver of innovation or fear its lack of human touch and emotional intelligence?
  • Should we celebrate the increase in efficiency and productivity it brings or be concerned that it eliminates jobs?
  • Should we love it because it is always accurate and available or hate it because of its biases, privacy, and security risks?
  • And who is accountable when an AI system makes a mistake, and can regulation tackle that?

As you see, AI raises timeless ethical dilemmas and has a huge impact on society.

It is crucial to have a balanced approach to harness the potential of AI while minimizing its negative impacts.

To get this balanced approach we organized a panel where we are going to provide you with unique perspectives from tech and business leaders and other speakers focusing on the societal aspect of the topic.

Join our panel to take advantage of this opportunity to network with current students and alumni about their MBA experience.

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We will take pictures during the event. These will be used in our online and offline communication activities.

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