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"Executive Job Search in 2018"


Career Workshop to fine-tune your CV.

Understanding today’s role of your LinkedIn profile, CV and other job hunting tools is what distinguishes successful from unsuccessful candidates.

In the workshop “Executive Job Search in 2018” you will get answers to questions like:

  • How can I fine-tune my LinkedIn profile so it attracts Executive Search companies?
  • How much information is too much or too little?
  • What LinkedIn elements are important when passively or actively looking for a job?
  • How important is the premium account?
Woman, hand, smartphone, desk

Please note: this course is highly practical. We expect everyone to work fully focused and leave with a fine-tuned CV and ready to use LinkedIn profile.


Speaker: Sandra Bichl, CEO at Career Angels


We will take pictures during the event. These will be used in our online and offline communication activities.

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