How to successfully prevent cybercrime

September 28, 2021

Panel discussion on online security for modern companies

None of us would leave the house keys with a stranger.

So how comes that information on your digital devices is so easily accessible by cybercriminals?

A dark skull hovers over a computer text in red

Cyber security is a buzzword to C-level managers. Even more, it can be a matter of life and death for some companies. And working from home has multiplied the threats substantially.

We organized an event for you where Richard KnowltonThomas Stubbings, and Maha Sounble will explain you how to protect your company.


Join the event to hear about:

  • The main cyber risks and how to manage them
  • Legal & regulatory requirements
  • Protection of personal data
  • The importance of a ‘security culture’
  • Human aspects of cyber security
  • How to keep it on EVERY employee’s agenda
  • Best practice examples

Take advantage of this opportunity to ask your questions to our experts.

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