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Job Search in 2020

October 08, 2019

Reality & Trends - Career Event in Bucharest

Understanding today’s role of your LinkedIn profile, CV and other job hunting tools is what distinguishes successful from unsuccessful candidates.

How many Executive Search Consultants have reached out to you over the last 6 months?
How many attractive job offers do you receive per 10 interviews? 


During this workshop Sandra Bichl will answer questions like:

  • Have you formulated your uniqueness – your core competencies – on the Job market clearly?
  • Do you know what sets you aside from the usually over 1000 competitors?
  • Does your CV and profile communicate that precisely and succinctly?
  • Are you familiar with all the trends in sourcing and recruitment?
  • Can you beat the LinkedIn algorithm?
Woman, hand, smartphone, desk

This course is highly practical.


Speaker: Sandra Bichl, CEO at Career Angels


This event is for WU Executive Club members only.
We will take pictures during the event. These will be used in our online and offline communication activities.

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