Hubs and Hub Managers

Country Bases and How to Manage Them

What exactly is a Hub?

A Hub is a country base, sometimes a regional base for neighboring countries, for all WU EA Executive Club members to regionally connect among each other. A Female Leaders Network Hub focuses on connecting female Club members.

What is a Hub Manager? What does a Hub Manager do?

A Hub Manager is an important and valuable multiplier for the Executive Club, supporting it in transforming a country of region into a vibrant community. The Hub Manager is the main contact person in a country or region for an agreed period of time. It takes some time and organizational skills to run a Hub. Hub Managers moderate their Hub group on WU EA Connect. They collect information about career moves within their Hub and share it with the Community Engagement Managers. They generate topic ideas for events and (co-)organize Hub reunions, where they support with their regional knowledge about other networks and suitable locations.

How can I get engaged as a Hub Manager?

As a motivated and engaged alumni, interested in opening a new Hub or supporting an existing one, please contact us for further information and to apply at: wuexecutiveclub(at) The selection criteria include the aspects of your willingness to engage in the community, readiness to invest some time, minimum event attendance, and motivational statement.

Meet our current Hub Managers

Adrian Pocola Portrait

Adrian Pocola

Hub Manager Romania (Timisoara, Cluj)

Chief Executive Officer, SCZ GROUP SRL; Deputy CEO, MDX RESEARCH

MBA Project Management

Let’s connect

Aleksandar Nedeljkovic Portrait

Aleksandar Nedeljkovic

Hub Manager Adriatic Hub (Serbia)

Chief Business Officer, Mainstream

MBA Finance

Hello, my name is Aleksandar Nedeljkovic. I am a business & finance executive of a high growth cloud computing company from Serbia with more than 20 years of passionate engagement with various community-based organizations. As a Hub Manager my goal is to strengthen our regional WU EA community of more than 100 professionals by fostering our alma mater alumni network value beyond classroom experience.

If you have an idea how we can jointly approach this quest, let’s connect.

Portrait Andrea Lelovics

Andrea Lelovics

WU EA Female Leaders Network Hub Manager Czech Republic and Slovakia

CEO & Senior Consultant, DCI s.r.o., Program Manager, Forum Institute

MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

I am a 2012 Entrepreneurship & Innovation MBA class alumna with 24 years of experience in strategic, innovation and project management roles in social innovations. I have worked mostly in Central Europe, but through my international projects I also got to other EU and some East European countries.

I truly believe in the power of networks in our new complex world, where the only constant are changes. Being connected to people with diverse backgrounds helps us to become resilient and the variousness of thoughts, knowledge and experience in networks boosts creativity and success. This is why I am passionate about networking.

My MBA journey was one of the most exciting experiences in my life. Yes, I gained new knowledge, but even more, I got to know so many interesting people! I am grateful for the WU Executive Academy for doing such a wonderful job in keeping us connected and I am now supporting the team with leading the Slovak and Czech part of FLN. In my role as Hub Manager, I want to inspire female alumnae in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia, and maybe in Hungary, to become active members of the Female Leaders Network. Together we can form it and make use of all the opportunities it can provide.

An additional information: In September 2023 I am starting my PhD studies in Networking for Impact.

Please contact me if you have questions, comments, ideas, etc.

Let’s connect!

Angela Putylina Portrait

Angela Putylina

Hub Manager Russia

GILEAD Sciences Russia, Sales & Marketing Director

MBA Marketing & Sales

My 20+ experience in marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical industry allows me to create high performing teams to ensure access to modern medicines for the treatment of socially significant diseases.

My personal values are honesty, love of life and hard work. Family is my main value. Strengthen business connections is one of my life priorities, both for career development and inspiration from communicating with amazing people.

The Russian WU Executive Club brings together well-educated people, with similar values and promoting the introduction of innovations, new technologies for outstanding results. It is not only about pleasant meetings with classmates and the WU EA team. We also try to continue our training, to educate in different aspects of professional life, to analyze trends in order to be in demand and competitive in the labor market. Being a part of the community I am very happy to continue business education, share experience and enjoy communicating with people on the same wave from different countries.

Let’s connect.

Portrait of Anita Kirilova

Anita Kirilova

WU EA Female Leaders Network Hub Manager Bulgaria
Founder and Board Member of WU EA Female Leaders Network

General Manager, MetLife

Global Executive MBA

Anita is a passionate business leader with more than 20 years of experience in leading people and organizations. She has a solid background and proven successful track record in strategies development and deployment, change management, talent identification and improvement, project launches from the beginning to the end. She holds the “Best Woman Sales director Europe 2015” award from Woman in a Sales organization. Currently, Anita is a Distribution Head of a worldwide life insurance provider, managing B2B and B2C lines of business and taking care at a national level for 200+ people. 

“In the world when the expectation is women to work like they do not have children and raise children as they do not work, females need other females to help them. Female Leaders Network is a place for support, sharing and developing together further both personally and professionally.”

Together we are stronger, let`s connect!

Damir Matrljan Portrait

Damir Matrljan

Hub Manager Switzerland

SBS Swiss Business School, Senior Lecturer & Researcher

MBA Project Management

About me:

I am a 36 year old Croatian, I work as a PMO Manager in Zürich and I am currently finishing my doctorate program in PMOs, Strategy and Leadership.

I have devoted almost 30 years of my life to handball as a player, coach and referee. I like to spend my free time scuba diving, dancing ballroom and Latin dances, playing darts and spending time in nature. 

My "superpower":

My career path, education and professional experience have always been closely connected to the project management world. My experience and expertise empower me to look at situations from many different angles and to understand how everything is connected even in the most challenging projects. This also helps me to influence key stakeholders and the dynamics within the team to ensure the highest chances for the successful project completion. In a way it makes me a business generalist with great expertise in managing people, projects and organisations. 


Our WUEA community consists of passionate individuals who create an outstanding network of experts willing to help, support and connect each other. Our Swiss Hub organises networking meetings and lectures held by experts working in Switzerland. Often our reach includes the entire DACH region and we work very closely with the WUEA community engagement team.

Why am I a hub manager:

I have become a Swiss hub manager as my wish is to help other alumni members to expand their networks and find the right contacts to boost their business, to access important learning and development materials, to change their career path or find another opportunity.

I am also happy to help in any other way that I can, so please be free to reach out :-)

Let's connect

Ivana Žmikić Portrait

Ivana Žmikić

WU EA Female Leaders Network Hub Manager Croatia

Financial Advisor/Global Mobile Professional

MBA Finance 2016

I am a finance professional with more than 15 years of experience in domestic and international finance, controlling, and audit across different industries. Also, I have expatriate experience as a finance professional in Austria and Hungary. I value integrity, personal and professional growth, and positive interpersonal connection, and these values guide me in my career path.

It seems to me that, more often than not, many alumni lose contact and engagement with the WU EA after they graduate. Ultimately, they have minimal contact with only a few former colleagues from the MBA program. This should not be the case.

As a Hub Manager, I want to inspire Croatian alumnae to join the WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network, and to strengthen the community of alumnae. My personal motivation is to build long-lasting connections and partnerships and to create a vibrant hub where one can freely exchange ideas with like-minded and highly motivated community members.

Decide to be a positive inspiration and join me!

Markus Kirchschlager Portrait

Markus Kirchschlager

Hub Manager Germany

PANTARHEI Corporate Advisors, Managing Director

MBA Finance

Let’s connect

Smaranda Streanga

Smaranda Streanga

WU EA Female Leaders Network Hub Manager Romania

Cascada Investments, Chief Financial Officer

EMBA Bucharest

My personal and professional experience in finance of almost 20 years, with different companies in different industries, in roles from junior auditor to CFO, taught me the importance of working together, promoting and inspiring one another.

Being part of WU's alumnae community is a privilege and an opportunity. Building a strong ladies community in Romania, where we can find inspiration, care and networking may be an important step on our continuous growth path. I am happy to be part of the WU EA Female Leaders Network and to develop the Romanian Hub.

Let’s connect and create opportunities!

Together we are stronger!

Stefan Popescu Portrait

Stefan Popescu

Hub Manager Romania (Bucharest)

Red Bull Romania, On Premise Manager Romania and Moldavia

EMBA Bucharest

First, best thoughts to all WU community! I know  you are winning in keeping the ballance right with full time job, family, entrepreneurship or academic studies!

Allow me to keep it very simple: I am a natural socializing person acting in the hospitality sector, so WU community members should find this very easy to contact me and answear their needs. Cohesion and trust, built during formal and informal gatherings - proud I did that as Class President 2011-2013, WU EMBA Bucharest!

Right after being appointed as Hub Manager for RO/Bucharest area  and with full participation of my colleagues, I managed to organize multiple International Alumni Reunions in Bucharest during 2018 and 2019, as well as an online intervention in front of 33 new students of 6 nationalities of the Executive MBA Bucharest 2020 cohort.

So, should the need be, to get in contact with another colleague, to foster a kick-off meeting, or to scout and find together new business opportunities – please contact me! It is very important that we keep the WU spirit alive and this is my mission as Hub Manager: Interconnected, Consistent, Unified, Eager to Succeed, Empathic, Strong, Diligent

Looking forward to see you in person, hopefully very soon and in a safe environment!

Let’s connect.

Velimir Smetko Portrait

Velimir Smetko

Hub Manager Adriatic Hub (Croatia)

LUSINI HRVATSKA, Managing Director

MBA Marketing & Sales

Let’s connect

Vladimir Vano Portrait

Vladimir Vano

Hub Manager Slovakia

GLOBSEC, Chief Economist

Global Executive MBA

Let’s connect

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