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Financial Benefits for Employees and Companies

​Employees and self-employed persons save up to 50% of the program fee

No matter whether you are employed or self-employed - our MBA program fees are fully tax deductible for you if you pay taxes in Austria. The only prerequisite is that the program is regarded as further education in the present field of occupation or as training in a related profession. Depending on your income, you can get up to 50% of the program fee back. Generally speaking, this is true for all programs offered by the WU Executive Academy.

    • Program fees and all other costs incurred are fully deductible

      Additionally, not only program fees are fully deductible, but also all other costs incurred (e.g. travel expenses, accommodation). The tax advantage you enjoy directly depends on your total income. This means e.g. for Austria: If you earn more than € 90,000 per year half of all costs will be refunded by the state. If you earn between € 60,000 and € 90,000 per year, approximately 48% will be refunded. Other countries do have similar tax arrangements, slightly varying from the Austrian system. For detailed information in this regard please refer to the responsible institution of the respective country.

      Information about tax deductions in Austria is available:

    • Win-win situation for employers covering the program fees of their employees

      Mutual cost reduction

      • Unlike bonuses for employees, program fees are exempt from taxation (the financial advantage amounts up to 50%). And your employer benefits, too: there are no payroll related costs. Moreover, the Austrian state shares the costs with the employer and covers 25% (in case of a public limited company) or 50% (in case of an individual enterprise).

      Information about tax deductions in Austria is available at the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance:

All information is supplied without guarantee.

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