Grow personally with an MBA

You are capable of more than you think

We have experienced it many times: An MBA makes women grow personally and boosts their self-confidence. With increasing numbers of women in the classroom, the classroom setting also becomes more diverse and there is a larger exchange of different perspectives.

This is how we support women meeting their educational and career goals:

  • classes are didactically designed as social learning environments so that each student is strongly supported by her peer group, the faculty and our staff during her learning journey
  • every female MBA and LL.M. student is automatically part of the WU EA Female Leaders Network where she is empowered by other business women
  • this network organizes regular events with inspiring topics where women can connect with others and receive personal career advice
  • regional community hubs offer specific care at a country level
  • with special scholarships, women can save up on tuition
  • students can connect with selected HR experts, alumni and expats who transitioned to a successful career in Austria

Are you ready to start a new chapter?

Are you ready to boost your self-confidence?

Are you ready to exchange at eye level in a powerful community?

Then book a female empowerment consultation today.

Get to know the women in our network in this authentic video where nine members talk about leadership and empowerment:

Read about our successful alumnae and events below:

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