Priyanka Dutta Passecker

Priyanka Dutta Passecker Portrait

Priyanka, a distinguished neuroscientist holding a Ph.D. from Trinity College Dublin and over 15 years of expertise in the life sciences, is a fervent innovator driving impactful change for patients. Her unique blend of science and business prowess shines through years of global leadership in pharmaceuticals like Novartis and UCB, biotech, and startups.

She is the founder and CEO of Healiva SA, based in Switzerland, a company dedicated to bringing about a paradigm shift by introducing comprehensive, personalised chronic wound care solutions to address the unmet needs of billions of patients. Priyanka's commitment to sharing her knowledge and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs is evidenced by her involvement at the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and her advisory roles in early to growth stage startups. 

Priyanka is passionately devoted to empowering women in STEM fields, particularly in emerging nations, exemplifying the spirit of 'Ubuntu' – the belief in interconnectedness and shared humanity. 

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