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Organizational Design - Agile structures and new forms of collaboratio

Organizational Design - Leading Organizations in the Digital Age

ⓘ During COVID-19, all our programs are adapted so remote participation is possible.

Management training with blended learning: Online-Module & 3 day course in person

Why is organizational design and structure important to the success of an organization? Good organizational structure and design helps improve communication, increase productivity, enable business models and strategies and inspire innovation. It creates an environment where people can work effectively.

Many productivity and performance issues can be attributed to poor organizational design. Poor organizational design often results in, among other things, confusion within roles, a lack of coordination among functions, and failure implement business strategies. A company can have a clear mission, talented people, and great leaders, and still not perform well because of poor organizational design.

To be effective, the overall organization design must be aligned with the business strategy and the market environment in which the business operates. It must also have the right business controls, the right flexibility, the right incentives, the right people, and the right resources.

What you will learn

✓ Implementing agility in the organization

✓ Learn about new developments in the digital economy and digital business models

✓ Agile working methods such as Business Model Canvas, SCRUM Board, Lean Start-Up and Design Thinking

    • Real-life content

      • You bring your business challenges to class for discussion
      • Fallbeispiele und Best Practices zu aktuellen Themen
      • Apply your newly acquired knowledge directly to your job
    • Individual and professional development

      • You'll have the skills to co-create a work place that suits you best.
      • You can make a difference in your team and achieve your goals.
      • You can have more fun at work.
    • Modern learning structure

      • Implementation of a project
      • group discussions
      • Experience based Learning
      • Individual coaching, peer to peer coaching, group coaching
      • written reflection
    • Upgrade MBA

      Would you like to dive deeper into the subject of digitisation? Apply for the MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science and attend the short program Organizational Design and more in the part-time Master of Business Administration. You can also get credit for a short program that has already been completed.

Question forms of organisation & adapt structures in an agile way

This program offers a deep insight into the topic of "agility", both from a practical and theoretical perspective. The aim is to question existing forms of organization. You will make structural adjustments that enable new forms of cooperation in order to meet current challenges. In addition, you will work on your own leadership style and learn how to implement agile tools in everyday management.

Agility is not only a concept for organizations, but also a mindset for everyone. It is about adapting quickly to changing environments and challenges and focusing much more on people and their needs. It also creates a space for innovation and creativity. The knowledge of agile organizations opens up new possibilities:

After these 3 days you will have learned methods and tools to redesign your organization and you will know how to adapt your business to the challenges of the digital world.


Martin Giesswein

Co-Founder Talent Garden Vienna 2017/18,

DigitalCity.Wien Co-initiator, Exit-CEO Immobilien.NET 2014

Author, Podcaster, Keynote Speaker

More information:

Patricia Klarner

Professor | Institute for Organization Design | WU Vienna | Austria

More information

Philipp Philippen

LRN LAB by Innogy Consulting, Experte Agile und Lean

Official Degree - WU Certificate

After completing the program you will receive an official certificate by the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 

    • How many hours per week do I have to plan for studying?

      First, you will complete a one-month online training course on agile leadership with a workload of about 25 hours. After you have completed the online training, you will take part in the 3-day classroom training.

    • How can managers with 50-60 hours working time manage the program?

      Although our MBA program is challenging, it is designed for working executives. That's why students can access our online forums from their smartphones or tablets, giving them the flexibility to manage their workloads on the go, whether they're on their way to work, on a lunch break, or traveling around the world.

    • How are students evaluated during the MBA?

      • Participation in class: Students are continuously evaluated during classroom discussions and video conferences. Every contribution, whether written or spoken, is taken into account.
      • Individual assignments: Students are asked to participate in quiz questions, individual assignments or evaluated homework.
      • Group assignments: As part of a small team, students will prepare presentations, research papers or papers.

WU Executive Academy - Accreditations & Rankings

The Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU) is one of Europe's leading universities and can look back on 100 years of excellence in executive education. We are proud to have received the prestigious triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, which is reflected in the outstanding quality of our executive education. This has also been recognized in international rankings: 

  • Top 20: QS World University Ranking
  • Top 50: Financial Times European Business School Ranking

Create the agile future of your organization and about the short program "Organizational Design" today!

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