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Strategy in the Age of Disruption

Strategy in the Age of Disruption

Joint program by & WU Executive Academy

We are experiencing rapid technological evolution, the dissolution and creation of industries, and rising competitive pressures. Strategists and corporate developers face numerous challenges: how to innovate, with whom to collaborate, how to tap into the vast pool of resources and ideas generated by an increasing number of tech startups, and – above all – how to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

This program aims at senior executives, chief digital officers, innovation managers and corporate development managers. It offers a unique combination of academic input and guidance as well as the participation in the famous Pioneers’19 event. The event is organized by and is the ultimate meeting point where a global community of selected startups, executives and investors join forces to inspire, empower and create platforms where innovation can thrive and result in profitable new business relationships. >> Pioneers'19

Learn how

  • new markets evolve
  • to evaluate nascent technologies
  • to formulate successful strategies in disrupted industries
  • to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship in your company
  • to navigate relevant innovation ecosystems
  • to leverage collaborations with startups
  • to turn disruption from threat to opportunity



Phillip C. Nell

Professor and Head of Institute | Institute for International Business | Head of WU’s Competence Center for Emerging Markets and CEE | WU Vienna | Austria

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Oliver Csendes

CEO at | Vienna | Austria

Benoit Decreton

Research and Teaching Associate/PhD Student | Institute for International Business | WU Vienna | Austria

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