10 years Professional MBA Marketing & Sales

March 22, 2017

The best of both worlds in one program

Today, nobody denies that the smooth interplay of marketing and sales is crucially important for achieving success in business. One of the front-runners to put the combination of marketing and sales on a sound academic footing, the Professional MBA Marketing & Sales has successfully established itself on the market over the past 10 years.

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Marketing knows the markets, and sales knows the customers! But for businesses to achieve true market success and thus economic prosperity, the two need to join forces with a view to thoroughly analyzing customer needs and translating the results into products and services to address them. 10 years ago, this idea informed the creation of the Professional MBA Marketing & Sales, and it continues to be the secret of its success.

“The plans we made 10 years ago have worked out really well. Marketing and sales, which, at the time, used to be completely separate worlds, have become more and more interconnected over the past 10 years. With our integrated program, we have anticipated and shaped this development. It is really amazing to see what happens when marketing and sales managers join forces with faculty members in class—everybody benefits from the experience. The marketing specialists develop a thorough understanding of sales and vice versa!”

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The combination of marketing and sales is not the only reason the Professional MBA Marketing & Sales stands out internationally. “When we launched the program 10 years ago, online marketing, for example, was something completely new. Nobody knew exactly what this was supposed to be. Finding lecturers proved difficult. But where there's a will to innovate, there's a way to solve problems like this!” says Prof. Barbara Stöttinger, Academic Director of the MBA program. Today, topics such as online marketing, making the most of customer touch points and brand engagement, orchestrating customer communications across all channels, interlinking online and offline sales with a view to ensuring sales systems are fit for the future, or optimizing operations financially by means of marketing and sales controlling are an integral part of the curriculum.

It goes without saying that the Professional MBA Marketing & Sales also covers new and innovative topics. Participants can develop their understanding of the latest academic findings and the newest trends—not only thanks to the faculty of WU Vienna and an international network of experts but also thanks to flexible lab days: the Marketing & Sales Lab gives students a say in choosing the content of their curriculum. “This is a great source of extra motivation, adds a lot to the big picture and allows everyone to benefit even more from the program.

Each year, there is a new exciting mix of topics depending on the makeup of the class in question.” As a result of this approach, the curriculum also covers hot topics such as neuromarketing, global crisis communication or trend spotting - a fact greatly appreciated by Professional MBA Marketing & Sales graduates.

Dimitry Osokin, MBA

  • Alumnus | Senior Marketing Manager at Roche Pharmaceuticals

The new knowledge resulted in new approaches, ideas at work. That proved to be a win-win situation because both the company and I benefited from new knowledge I could bring.

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