3 benefits of pursuing a Global MBA program in Vienna

November 15, 2016

Want to add a Global MBA to your list of accomplishments? Vienna is home to a great program that has a lot to offer students. Here are three reasons to enrol.

Skyline of Vienna with St. Stephen's Cathedral in the center

Completing a Global MBA degree is an excellent way to broaden your skills and put yourself on the fast track to upper-management positions in the world of business. For students looking for the right opportunity to graduate from this kind of program, the benefits of studying toward a Global MBA in Vienna are substantial.

From its geographic convenience, to its dynamic and invigorating culture of study and business, Vienna has much to offer students who undertake their MBA studies within its limits.

Here are three specific benefits that Global MBA students can look forward to in this city.

EMBA programs in Vienna offer growth and easy integration into career schedules

EMBA programs are designed to teach students how to grow as effective business leaders, offering advanced education in areas including accounting, marketing, and supply chain management. While undergoing this training, students in EMBA programs are able to work at the same time, allowing them to immediately put new knowledge into practice.

The modular curriculum employed by the EMBA program based out of our campus in Vienna only requires that students miss 40 work days over the course of less than 18 months. This career-friendly approach is part of what has led to our school being ranked highly on the global list of business schools. In fact, we are ranked 44th in the world, 13th for "working experience of students," and 14th for international students. If you desire flexibility and the ability to work within your field while pursuing your MBA, our school in Vienna may be right for you.

Global MBA programs in Vienna provide an enriching learning environment

Vienna's convenient location in central Europe makes it an excellent place to go for the type of multicultural exposure that an EMBA program typically encourages.

The city's status as one of the central flight hubs for the continent makes it easy to commute to for MBA students living across Europe and around the world. This has helped draw students and faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds to our program. As a result, students can expect to meet peers from a wide range of countries with diverse professional backgrounds.

The diversity of ideas brought by the students and staff promotes international perspective on business practices. Students will be able to use this exposure to enhance their coursework, and can also bring new ideas home for introduction to their own professional lives.

MBA students applauding a professor in class
Vienna's diverse EMBA community promotes excellence

Vienna's Global Executive MBA graduates receive great credentials & career support

Foreign students may be concerned that completing an EMBA program in Vienna could result in their obtaining a degree that is not recognized in a different location of interest, whether at home or abroad. Fortunately, this will not be the case. Vienna's WU Executive Academy holds accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, and graduates of the Global Executive program obtain two MBAs: one from WU, and one from Carlson School of Management. This ensures that no matter where they go, students can expect their degrees to be recognized and valued.

Graduates of the EMBA program also receive professional support after graduation. From assistance crafting effective CVs and LinkedIn profiles to access to large alumni communities, many services are available to ensure that the skills you’ll acquire in your MBA training are put to effective use.

smiling MBA students holding their diplomas
Global MBA graduates receive two MBA degrees that will be recognized internationally

Thanks to a convenient location, a diverse learning community, and quality credentials and support for graduates, Vienna is an excellent choice if you are looking to advance your career with an EMBA education.

Want to enroll in a quality global MBA program in Vienna?

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