3 Innovative Business Models to Explore With an MBA in Marketing

March 03, 2023

Explore 3 innovative business models

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A business model outlines the way a company will generate income. If you’re seeking a career in marketing and business, you must familiarize yourself with both traditional and innovative business models. As a high-level marketing specialist, staying up to date on the latest business trends will help you generate leads and position yourself as a valuable asset to companies looking to strengthen their customer relationships and expand. Keep reading to learn about three innovative business models you may encounter throughout your marketing career.

1. The Dematerialized Business Model Positions a Company as the Sustainable Option

Companies seeking to shift towards a dematerialized business model don’t need to change too much about what they’re selling. Instead, the product delivery is modified to use fewer material resources. The aim is to address the widespread concern for sustainability issues and help companies set themselves apart from the competition as the more sustainable option. For example, an e-commerce company can reduce the amount of packaging it uses to ship its products. It can adopt more sustainable practices without sacrificing the value of the product. If you strive to develop compelling messaging as a marketer, you can make potential buyers see extra value in the product you’re promoting due to its sustainability.

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After business courses, the dematerialized business model will help you position companies as the sustainable option

2. The Freemium Business Model is an Excellent Way To Generate Leads

After completing your MBA in marketing, generating quality leads will be your chief concern. What is a quality lead? It is a prospective customer that is most likely to convert and make a purchase. This lead is already interested in the product or service you’re promoting. You can garner interest in the product or service by offering a basic version of the product for free. This allows your company to build its authority and impress its client base while generating quality leads and increasing the chances they convert.

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The freemium business model is a great way to general quality leads after your MBA program

3. Voice and Image Search Expected to Reign

Between Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Echo voice functions, households around the world have access to voice searches. Without having to lift a finger, users can find the information they are looking for instantly. In terms of marketing, it’s important to think about how your products, services, and content can best show up through these voice searches.

Image searches further ease the process of seeking the information. And rather than worrying about reaching out to your audience, you can focus on simply making your products discoverable by your audience. Focusing on SEO and careful marketing integration will help search engines best read your website, products, and services, making them accessible under these voice and image searches that are rising in popularity.

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