3 unmissable practical learning experiences you’ll have in MBA courses

September 23, 2016

MBA courses deliver practical learning experiences amongst talented peers in a global context.


If you're ready for the next stage of your career, pursuing an MBA is an excellent way to sharpen your management and leadership competencies while attaining a holistic understanding of successful business practice. The foundational education in essential business concepts can fill potential gaps in knowledge while developing the necessary connections between different fields that characterize strong leaders. 

MBA students at WU Executive Academy—part of Europe's largest business university with over a century of education excellence—benefit from its internationally renowned faculty expertise and practical learning opportunities as they exchange ideas with a diverse group of talented peers. The resulting career empowerment is designed with working professionals in mind, so students can flexibly balance studies with existing responsibilities, accessing state-of-the-art e-learning resources from anywhere in the world and immediately applying newly acquired concepts.

Discover how the best MBA courses deliver such practical learning experiences.

MBA courses designed in close cooperation with executives ensure practical relevance

MBA courses combine a comprehensive leadership and management education with the opportunity to gain particular expertise in a chosen functional or industry specialization. The program ends by integrating your accumulated knowledge in the writing of a master thesis. Designed in close cooperation with specialists and top corporate executives, the curriculum focuses on the latest and most effective tools and techniques for achieving business success, emphasizing the application of theory to practice.

Students working on projects
Experiential activities at WU Executive Academy expand your strengths

Business simulations, breakout sessions and interactive case discussions deepen the understanding of important concepts using real-world examples and applied exercises. Experiential activities promote self-awareness by bringing students together to help each other understand their strengths and limitations. Following the initial business core, students develop profound competency in their chosen specialization, thoroughly investigating and applying industry best practices.

Diverse executives, managers and high potentials enhance MBA courses

While there are a variety of avenues in which professionals may broaden their specific quantitative and technical skills, a unique advantage of MBA courses is the opportunity to expand leadership and interpersonal capabilities amidst a group of talented and motivated peers. The exclusive program setting, drawing participants from across the globe, reflects the multicultural reality of today's globalized business world.

Alumni at a networking event
MBA School features frequent idea exchange and networking opportunities

Our Executive MBA students enjoy countless opportunities to connect with other business leaders from a vast range of companies and business areas, providing frequent insights into alternative success strategies. The dynamic peer group of executives, managers and other high potentials from diverse backgrounds contribute an exciting range of ideas, supporting and challenging each other to produce the best possible work, and joining a valuable international network. Our worldwide alumni network, the "WU Executive Club," features over 5,000 members from approx. 100 nations with exclusive career services. 

Practical MBA Learning Through International Immersions

Besides extensive professional development resources, executive career consulting, exclusive networking opportunities and prestigious global partnerships, Executive MBA students gain valuable insights into international markets by completing a residency abroad.

Depending on your chosen specialization, you will have the opportunity to visit exciting business hubs like Boston or San Francisco, U.S.A., connecting theoretical concepts with practical examples while learning from distinguished guest speakers and experiencing operations at leading companies. You will also be able to meet senior executives from major corporations, revealing different ways of working, gaining new contacts and leveraging theory into sustainable business impact.

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