3 Ways an MBA Program Can Help Foster Your Personal Growth

August 04, 2020

What you can learn on the journey towards an MBA degree

Pic of a business school student climbing a mountain
Next to many professional benefits, an MBA education can also foster personal growth and development.

Much is made of the prestige of an MBA degree and the opportunities it provides to help graduates advance their careers. However, there is arguably far too much focus on the destination, and not nearly enough on the journey. Completing a top MBA degree can be a tremendously enriching and rewarding experience in of itself, and can help students to grow as leaders, as professionals, and as people. Here are just three ways that an MBA can foster your personal growth and development.

Improve Your Self-Awareness While Developing Leadership Skills

Developing your leadership skills at business school isn’t only about examining effective strategies and how to implement them. An understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style are also key, which is why students undertaking a Professional MBA at WU Executive Academy complete a self-assessment as part of the program. This allows students to pinpoint the areas most in need of improvement, while also giving them insight into their behavior patterns, social skills, ability to handle conflict, and their behavior under stress. That increased self-awareness helps develop strong leadership skills. In addition, this new understanding can also benefit your personal growth as well.

Increase Your Self-Confidence at Business School

Confidence is key in so many different areas of business. Top-level executives need to be able to be assertive in important negotiations, deliver assured and compelling presentations, and demonstrate calm and decisive leadership to their employees. Professionals who are low on confidence can often find that it holds them back in their careers.

A group of business school students is having a meeting
Self-confidence is essential in the business world.

However, nothing breeds confidence like knowledge and experience, and that’s where an MBA program can help. Students can fill gaps in their knowledge through a comprehensive curriculum that covers an extensive range of business concepts and challenges. They will also develop their problem-solving, presentation, and management skills by participating in practical projects and exercises in a supportive and nurturing environment. Armed with this experience, graduates can return to the professional world with full confidence in their abilities.

Develop Greater Cultural Awareness During Your MBA Program

Part of what makes an EMBA program so valuable, both professionally and personally, are the opportunities it offers for networking. Throughout your studies, you will meet and connect with peers from diverse industries and backgrounds, allowing you to gain fresh insight and learn from different perspectives. More than this, though, an MBA allows you to connect with other professionals from all over the world. 73% of students at WU Executive Academy are international participants.

Pic of a diverse group of business school students
An MBA introduces you to professionals from a diverse range of cultures.

Increased cultural awareness can provide many career benefits, such as the ability to work with diverse teams, expand into international markets, discover new opportunities for growth, and more. In many ways, these benefits may also extend into your own life and foster your own growth, as you develop friendships around the world and gain a greater appreciation for different cultures.

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