3 ways classroom diversity enhances your EMBA education

May 29, 2017

Diversity in the classroom can offer a lot of value throughout your EMBA education. Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to while enrolled.


Being open to new ideas from people with different perspectives is a quality of many high-performing businesses and executives. In part, this is because by seeking out every opportunity for improvement and recognizing when one's own knowledge may be incomplete, it is possible to learn from others and achieve great things.

One of the hallmarks of good, established MBA schools is that they offer a lot of opportunity to become exposed to diverse ways of thinking. Enroll and you can enjoy access to new insights and interesting opportunities from all over the world.

Here's a look at some of the specific ways classroom diversity can enhance your MBA experience.

You can learn from EMBA classmates who come from diverse industries

It's not just expert faculty you can expect to learn from while you are at MBA school. As a student, you will be able to collaborate and interact with classmates who are executives drawn from many different industries—everything from finance, to health, to telecommunications, and beyond. This can help you to expose yourself to valuable new ways of thinking drawn from many different types of businesses. For instance, an executive from the world of software development will likely have insights about troubleshooting that you might want to adopt.

Every industry has its own particular methods of conducting business and of resolving issues, so try to learn from your classmates and the techniques they use in their own careers. By incorporating some of their solutions into your own operations, you will be able to make interesting leaps in capability throughout your education.

Collaborate with classmates to learn new, useful business methods from their industries

EMBA students share their interesting global perspectives on business

In a globalized marketplace, it's not just diversity of business experience that holds a great deal of value. Those with an intimate understanding of a different region's cultural and business practices can offer value when it comes to negotiating, exploring legal technicalities, and doing other work in that new territory. This is especially true when the business's home country and its target market have significant cultural or political differences—such as an emerging Asian economy like China and an established Western market like Austria, for example.

Enrolling in an EMBA program can help you make connections with people from different regions, and thereby gain an advantage when guiding a business' expansion into new markets. Students at top MBA schools are drawn from all over the world, including many emerging markets that are considered prime regions for expansion—places like Russia, Brazil, India, and many others. Make connections with your classmates and reach out to interesting individuals in your alumni network once you complete your program. By doing so, you may be able to find partners for collaboration who can help your business enjoy success in new territories.

EMBA classmates come from many places and could be good partners for future international business

Research shows that diverse classes are more productive & innovative

A diverse class group allows students to learn unique insights from different businesses and regions, but research suggests that it also encourages greater learning and productivity as a whole. As the goal of most students in business courses is to enhance their skill-set and become more capable of greatness in their careers, it is therefore an excellent idea to enroll in an Executive MBA program that includes people of diverse professional and personal origins.

Historically, the outcomes of studying in this sort of diverse program are very encouraging. Graduates of WU Executive Academy's MBA programs, for example, are routinely sought out by important corporate partners eager to hire new professionals who have the latest and best business training. Classroom diversity is an important part of what makes their education and skills so valuable, so if you want to enjoy similar opportunity in your own career, enroll in an MBA school that will expose you to diverse thought and individuals.

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