3 ways to build your networking strategy during an EMBA program

February 05, 2019

A global network is essential for success

An emba program student is networking
An effective network is essentail for success in today's business world.

Effective networking is the key to success for any executive. However, even for those at the pinnacle of their careers, there are always ways to improve their networking strategies. When you study an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) you’ll have numerous occasions to significantly expand the scope of your networking strategy.

From working with business leaders around the world to joining a vast alumni network, an EMBA from WU Executive Academy presents many opportunities for you to build your network.

Continue reading to learn 3 ways our EMBA can take your networking strategy to the next level.

1. An EMBA from two universities gives you access to a vast Alumni Network 

With our Global EMBA you earn two MBAs from two leading business schools: WU Executive Academy in Vienna and the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis. As a result, you’ll join two alumni networks consisting of 60,000 members worldwide. The combination of these alumni networks gives you a foundation for broadening your professional network in Europe, the US, and beyond. It also connects you with people working in leading European and US firms, such as BMW, Deutsche Bank, and Siemens in Europe and Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble in the US.

Our alumni network presents an opportunity to address common challenges executives have with networking. According to a survey by Robert Half International, for example, the top networking mistake executives make is failing to ask for help. Your alumni network is set up to ensure help is readily available so you needn’t feel like asking for it is inconveniencing anyone. With the WU Executive Club, for example, you will receive invitations to conferences, panel discussions, and guest speaker events where you’ll get to meet top executives and learn about the latest business insights. Meanwhile, the Carlson School’s alumni network gives you access to the Carlson School Alumni LinkedIn group. This exclusive online group includes 14,000 members, many working at top companies, who are eager to provide assistance and guidance to one another.

2. A global EMBA program helps students overcome cultural barriers

Globalization has revolutionized business and if you want to succeed in an executive position today you must cultivate a network that crosses borders. A professional network that is limited to just one city or country will only take you so far if you are looking to advance at a large multinational corporation. To make your network truly international, you must learn how to work collaboratively with partners all over the world, which means learning how to overcome cultural barriers.

That’s why a key component of our Global EMBA Program is the Global Team Project, where students work digitally with other team members who are located in Europe, Asia, and the US to develop an integrated business plan. Team members never meet in person until their project is complete and there are no hierarchical structures in place that may otherwise allow them to defer decisions to senior supervisors. This unique set up means they must work directly with one another and, through trial and error, figure out the best way of communicating and making decisions despite cultural differences. By the end of the Global Team Project, students should feel much better equipped to overcome those cultural differences and network more effectively on a global stage.

The Global Team Project as part of the executive mba courses at Executive Academy
The WU Executive Academy's Global Team Project gives you an opportunity to Network globally.

3. International residencies give students a chance to visit leading multinational companies

You can also use your EMBA to further refine your network through residencies. During your executive MBA courses at WU Executive Academy, you’ll participate in a number of international residencies, including in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. These residencies give you a number of networking opportunities, including visits to local leading companies. An international residency in Minneapolis, for instance, may include a visit to 3M, while a residency in Hyderabad, India could include a visit to Infosys.

Pic of Minneapolis as part of the Executive Academy's emba program
WU Executive Academy's EMBA program includes international residencies, including in Minneapolis.

These company visits allow you to meet business leaders and see the inner workings of some of the world’s most important multinational corporations. The visits expose you to different management strategies and workplace cultures, which can vary drastically from company to company and from country to country. By meeting the managers and executives at these companies face-to-face, you’re getting an opportunity to expand your network not only beyond your own country or culture but also often beyond your own industry.

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