5 Benefits of Completing a Part-Time EMBA

June 09, 2020

No more concerns avout the time commitment

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Do you want to advance in your career with an Executive MBA?

An Executive Master of Business Administration is designed to help experienced professionals get ahead in their careers. Students will develop practical skills and knowledge, and join a network of thousands of professionals from around the world.

However, further education of any kind can be a huge time investment, and can be difficult to balance alongside existing work and family commitments. At WU Executive Academy, all of our EMBA options are available part-time, meaning that students can develop professionally without needing to put their careers on hold. Read on to discover five benefits of completing an EMBA program part-time.

Continue Working While Studying

Many professionals are reluctant to enroll in an EMBA program because they don’t want to stop working. A part-time program gives you the flexibility to continue working while studying. This means that students can invest in their future without the need to pause their current career progression.

You will also have the opportunity to immediately apply any new knowledge or skills that you gain during an MBA program in your current role. Another benefit is financial security, as students will be able to earn a stable income while studying to help alleviate any financial pressure.

More Time for Networking

As a part-time EMBA student, your time will not just be divided between work and study. It’s also important to commit time and energy into networking. The connections that you make at business school could benefit you throughout your future career. Your peers could become your future colleagues, business partners, customers, employees, employers, and more.

As a student at WU Executive Academy, you will have plenty of opportunities to network. The school is home to students from around the globe, which will help you to enhance your cross-cultural communication skills and thrive in today’s globalized business world.

A group of people of an EMBA program
A part-time MBA program may give you more time to build an international network.

Improve Time Management and Organizational Skills

Studying part-time executive MBA courses alongside a full-time job can be challenging and demanding at times. However, it is an opportunity to develop unrivalled time management skills.

Throughout your studies, you may need to use various time management techniques and tools like calendars, to-do lists, and more. These habits will help you throughout your future career, and you may find that you are able to manage a large workload with ease.

Make Time for You

Downtime is important to everyone, and is proven to improve productivity and efficiency. A part-time MBA will give you the flexibility to invest time in yourself and your future. This is perfect for experienced professionals who may have young families and other personal commitments, but also want to take a step up in their careers.

No Need to Take Extensive Time Off

Students enrolled in a part-time MBA program will not need to ask their employer for extensive time off, and should be easily able to continue to meet their professional obligations while working towards an EMBA.

Having said that, many employers are often willing to grant extra vacation time or study days to students enrolled in MBA programs. This is because it is of benefit to the employee and the company as a whole.

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