Alfred Steinwender

March 01, 2023

Alfred Steinwender has 25+ years of international Project Management experience.


After studying technical mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna, I completed an Executive MBA at the IMADEC University and finished my PhD in organizational development at the Alpen-Adria-Universität in Klagenfurt. Through my professional career I had the opportunity to work for various national and international IT and telecommunications companies in various project management and line management functions.

Today, I am the head of the customer division of the RBI Group & UNIQA in Raiffeisen Informatik, the data center of the Raiffeisen Banking Group. I am also the managing director of Raiffeisen Informatik Slovenia (in Maribor) and Raiffeisen Informatik Slovakia (in Nitra and Presov). For many years, I have been also a guest lecturer at Universities and University of Applied Sciences as well as supervising bachelor's and master's theses.

What expertise do you bring with you?

I have been involved in project management for more than 25 years. The international project management program at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna awakened my enthusiasm for project management and this enthusiasm has remained until today. Initially it was software and IT-projects, but over the years I have specialized in organizational projects. I have been a member of the Organizational Design Community (ODC) and the European Organization Design Forum for many years now. In addition, I founded NeuroChange in 2017 - a platform that brings findings from socio-cognitive neurology into organizational design and business collaboration.

What will you contribute to the MBA “Strategic Project Management”?

The exchange with students was always very important to me. On the one hand, I can share valuable practical experience, but I can also take for myself new ideas and new methodological approaches from the discussions with the students. Agility in particular has changed companies like Raiffeisen Informatik significantly in recent years.

As part of the MBA "Strategic Project Management" I was able to present our projects, shared what I had learned and presented solutions to various problems. In the future, technological transformations will raise new questions that will challenge organizations and project management again. These and other questions are then certainly exciting topics that we can exchange with students of the MBA program.

Why do you think Strategic Project Management is important?

Projects are the anchor of stability in times of change. In innovative companies, we need more than ever highly qualified project managers who understand not only how to think economically and socially, but also how to think sustainably. However, times of change also require a high level of maturity in leadership. That's why the MBA degree in "Strategic Project Management" is so important from my point of view, because it gives experienced project managers the opportunity to refresh and deepen their knowledge on the one hand and to network and exchange ideas with experts from project management on the other hand. More than ever, we need leaders who can use their project management potential to implement successful change processes in our companies.

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