Become a global business leader through Executive MBA Courses

September 01, 2017

An EMBA from WU Executive Academy will help you further develop the skills that have led you to success so far, and to take the next step in your career.

A group of MBA students from many different ethnics

With technology, communications, and markets developing at the speed of light and connecting people all over the world, careers in international business are more relevant than ever. Stepping in to such a career, however, requires a solid foundation of both experience and knowledge.

The Executive MBA program at WU Executive Academy is ideal in that it can provide both of these things to its participants, helping them develop into successful business leaders. Keep reading to find out a few of the ways that an Executive MBA prepares students for the changing demands of the global business world.

An international perspective is easy to acquire through an EMBA

A key characteristic of a successful global business leader is a grasp of international context, and an ability to understand the perspectives of partners, competitors, and clients from other parts of the world. The WU Executive Academy program gives students many opportunities to develop a more comprehensive, international worldview. For example, students can complete international residencies in global business hubs like Santiago, Chile, Guangzhou, China, and New York City, USA. This experience gives EMBA students both an academic and professional insight into other business contexts.

Further, the Global Executive MBA program offers modules on Managing Globalization as well as Global Strategies and Innovation, both of which help students come to a better understanding of how global considerations play into key business decisions.

Executive MBA courses help you develop leadership skills

The environment of Executive MBA courses is ideal for the cultivation and improvement of business leadership skills. Students at WU Executive Academy have the opportunity to learn the theoretical frameworks behind successful leadership in modules like Leading People & Organizations, as well as Negotiations & Conflict Management.

A male speaker in a business suit in front of mba graduates
An MBA gives you the confidence to lead and the competence to follow through

Students are also given the opportunity to take these frameworks beyond the hypothetical and practice their skills in real project settings. For instance, MBA students complete a Virtual Team Project with colleagues from three different continents. This allows students to exchange expertise and experience with each other, developing their leadership skills in the process, and to apply these skills in a realistic environment and learn from the results.

A strong MBA program gives you a strategic edge in the business world

Finally, completing an Executive MBA program has strategic benefits to your global business career in two ways. First, advanced education is a good way to demonstrate dedication and serious business expertise to those around you. This can help build trust with potential partners and clients, and can impress potential employers.

A group of people talking during a business event
An Executive MBA can make you a better decision-maker

Secondly, an MBA program can help you develop a strategic perspective to drive better business decisions. This can be developed through specific modules, like Strategic Marketing Management, Global Strategies and Innovation, and Advanced Financial Management for Global Markets. This strategic vision also develops more holistically along the way as students gain expertise in all major business areas.  By gaining a more in-depth understanding of how each piece of a successful international business operates, WU Executive Academy graduates come away with the knowledge they need for big-picture decision making – a must-have skill for the successful global business leader.

With an executive master of business administration, there is nothing standing between you and a career in global business.

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