Considering a Global MBA Program? 3 keys to an international marketing strategy

May 23, 2017

Students in a global MBA program learn to use marketing strategy to find international success. Here are three key points for success in this area.


Taking a business global is an excellent way to expand and grow. It allows for the discovery of new clients in many different places, presents the opportunity to extend industry influence, and can provide chances to experiment outside of existing key regions.

To achieve success in the international arena, it will be important for your business to have a strong international marketing strategy, one that communicates your value to the new demographics you are pursuing.

Here are a few key tips for implementing a strong international marketing strategy.

Use your Global MBA program training to deliver a worldwide marketing message

Gone are the days of regions being locked into local media sources, like domestic newspapers or television stations. Today, people all over the world can consume the same content at the same time, and this presents a fantastic opportunity for delivering marketing that appeals to everyone, all at once. Delivering a single campaign that captures the attention of people all over the world can be a much more efficient approach to marketing than trying to create many different campaigns for specific regions.

In order to find success with this sort of unified marketing effort, it's important to approach campaign development with an eye on delivering messaging that will work in whatever your target markets are. For a unified global campaign, that means ensuring your messaging works everywhere—you don't want to appeal to China but accidentally offend America, for example. Completing business courses will provide you with the training you need to identify effective messaging for different groups, and execute a campaign when ready. The result should be an enhanced ability to appeal to customers worldwide.

Business training can help you effectively create universal messaging for your business

A Global MBA program will help you engineer the perception of consistency

When expanding into a new region, potential customers will likely be more receptive to your business if they believe your services in their region will share a similar quality to what you deliver in your existing markets. One example of a company that struggles with this is Netflix. In many countries, its streaming video libraries are limited, leading some viewers to perceive that they get a worse value than subscribers in established markets like the USA. As a result, a significant number of people in these countries will not subscribe.

To avoid this kind of situation, it is best to make calculated entries into new markets, with careful planning to ensure that when you arrive, you can deliver the great service that your customers love. To do so, consider studying in the Global MBA program at WU Executive Academy. It's a great opportunity to explore the strategy of globalization management under experts with years of academic and professional experience, and it can help you develop handy skills that will allow you to do a good job of international expansion.

Studying globalization management will help you make strong entries to new markets

Leverage the power of data analysis for more effective international marketing

In the modern business landscape, it is easier than ever to gather enormous amounts of information about customers and potential customers, and this can be incredibly useful for improving marketing efforts. You can make use of gathered information to find out more about who your potential customers are, what their needs are, and how your company can meet these needs. Being able to gather enough raw data and translating that information into an actionable marketing plan is increasingly essential for international businesses today.

To develop a superior ability to make data driven decisions in business, it's important to enroll in an MBA training program that explores data analysis and how to use it to inform decisions you make. WU Executive Academy’s training program will allow you to explore this and other topics in a short period of time, ensuring you can quickly turn your newfound skills onto your career and use data-driven marketing to take your business' messaging to the next level.

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